Tuesday, November 23, 2010

RHOA- "Good-by-E Dr. Tiy-E"

Ok, let's start by announcing the happy news- Kim Zolziak is preggers by her football playing, much younger boyfriend. I guess this means she won't need "Big Poppa's" stacks anymore. Whateve.

Moving on...

Phaedra finally gives birth and is forced to admit the obvious- she was 40 weeks pregnant, full term- as everyone in America suspected. But you gotta love Phaedra- if only for her "real-ness" and I can't hate on a girl that keeps it real. Have you ever watched "A Baby Story"? Well on many of those shows the woman has the baby, the nurse hands the baby to the mother with all the blood and yuck on it and the mother smiles and declares her happiness with her new bundle of covered in blood- joy. Phaedra said EXACTLY what I would've said at the first sight of her sweet baby boy covered in yuck- "oh gross". Wow- I never thought I would agree with anything coming out of Phaedra's mouth. By the way, the baby is so cute!

NeNe is trying to build on her 15 minutes and lands a job as an entertainment reporter for one of the local news stations. Let's give the girl a hand clap for capitalizing on her time in the spotlight. After all, who knows how long she and Greg will remain happily married and she should definitely have her own bank- for sure!

Finally, Dr. - and I use that title loosely- Tiy-E gets exposed for the fraud that he is. Here's how it went down- Sheree decides to have a card party and invites all the ladies and their significant others to her house for a night of fun. When NeNe comes in the door she greets everyone with hollywood kisses and hugs but things get really chilly when the balding, fake Dr. approaches her with outstretched arms. NeNe immediately recognizes him and questions their association. Tiy-E pretends like he has no idea who NeNe is but it's too late because NeNe pulls Sheree to the side and tells her that there is something fishy about her Dr. and before the evening ends she's gonna get some answers. Within minutes the rest of the party is very aware of the whispers of the fraudulent Dr. and from there he basically sits in the hot-seat and gets questioned about where he went to school, how long he went to school, is he a doctor? Blah, blah, blah. In the end we find out that Tiy-E Muhammad got his "Dr" title from a school he attended ONLINE! Whatever. You're a creepy liar and I don't even believe that your real name is Tiy-E.

So there you have it. Next week, Sheree goes in on the good doctor. Looks like somebody's gonna get there feelings hurt.

Until next week...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

RHOA- "Penis Ointment and Phaedra why are you so clueless?!?"

This episode starts with Sheree sharing her new toy, an Aston Martin, with her daughters. Apparently that gift to herself was short lived because I read last week that the car was re-possesed for non-payment of attorney's fees. SMH.

Over at Cynthia and Peters' house NeNe, Cynthia's sister and some other close friends of the couple await their arrival so that Peter can surprise Cynthia with a marriage proposal. Peter gets on bended knee and asks his lovely lady for her hand in marriage and Cynthia seemed more interested in where the ring came from than anything. I hope things work out between these two but I'm not holding my breath and I hope Peter isn't either. Kudos to NeNe for showing up and helping Peter surprise his bride to be despite the personal drama that she and Greg are experiencing. Later on when Cynthia, her sister and mom go dress shopping it was the most depressing scene of bridal dress shopping I've ever witnessed. It was like she was shopping for a dress to wear to a funeral. And why does Cynthia's sister always look so sad? Get happy people- she's getting married!!!

Kandi is in the studio working with Lawrence, who surprisingly, sounds like a completely different person when he sings. Apparently Kim has shared her discontent with Lawrence about her unfinished new song, "The ring don't mean a thing". Kandi is pissed and ready to tell Kim to move on. Really Kim?!? Three words- YOU- CAN'T- SING! The fact that Kandi is even dealing with you makes her a saint so how dare you talk shit!

Sheree is participating in "Dancing with the Stars in Atlanta" for charity. Sheree can't dance AT ALL! Enough said on that.

Now let's talk about Phaedra, who is fast becoming my reason for watching the show because she is so damn ridiculous! She's preparing for the birth of her baby while I hope acting completely clueless about the idea of that human beings can actually do such a thing. When her friend explains to her how she's supposed to care for the baby after he gets circumcised she is overwhelmed by the prospect of having to buy and put the "penis ointment" on the baby. Really Phaedra? Penis Ointment? Then she shares that her baby is gonna be good and country. That baby is gonna get his first taste of his mama's southern charm by receiving a 50 cent piece and not for his piggy bank- but for his belly button. You heard me right- instead of alcohol she's going to put some money on the baby to make sure his belly button doesn't poke out. An old wives tale that she is happy to follow-ugghhh.

Next week we can finally put to rest the "how many months is Phaedra" mystery. Gotta give it to this girl for sticking to her lie about being 6-7 months. And we finally say good riddens to the fake Dr. Tiy-E!

Until next week...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

RHOA- Pickles, Candy Yams and Sugar?

Ok- so we're going to jump right in and start with Phaedra, Apollo and pickles. I'm all for taking pregnancy pics and documenting that special time but sucking on a pickle at the same time with your ex-con husband in a seductive way looks CRAZY!!!! Just sayin.
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