Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dancing w/Stars- American Idol finale (Double Post)

It's finale time and these two shows couldn't end soon enough. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed them but it seems like we've been watching both of these shows FOREVER!

Well by now you all know that Derek and Nicole won the coveted mirrored ball - no surprises there. Nicole deserved it but next season

Tonight we will find out who will go home the next American Idol. Lee and Crystal are both great singers but if we're judging solely on last night performances Crystal should leave tonight victorious. More after the jump...

Friday, May 21, 2010

RH of NY- "When Crazy met Kelly"

"Why do I always get stuck with her?". Sorry Sonja!
The second half of Ramona's girls getaway was spectacular but some people can't just go to an island for free and chill out- they have to keep stirring the pot and starting ish. And thus begins the story of Crazy aka Kelly.

Let's just put this out there Kelly is f-in bat-shit crazy!!!! She is so lucky that Bethenny is pregnant otherwise she would've laid that sick beyotche out. What the hell is wrong with this woman. She immediately goes in on Bethenny during breakfast and says that she's a "cook" and not a "chef". Well okay, even if she is just a "cook" why do you care enough to tell her that? It's the stereotypical - I'm an insecure crazy woman so to build myself up I'm going to try to make you feel small in front of everybody. Basically, my name is Kelly and I'm pathetic.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

American Idol- Final 3- "It's the Lee show"

So we're down to our final three contestants and the group that's left totally deserves to be here. The contestants will perform two songs, one that they choose and the second song that the judges choose for them. So let's get started.

Casey is the first to perform and the first song her performs is underwhelming for the judges. He sang well but it definitely wasn't a wow moment and right now is the time to have that moment.

Crystal sings "Come to my Window". I really like this song and I really like Crystal but this might be the first night that I really didn't like a Crystal performance. Ellen liked it. Kara said it was okay. Simon agreed with all the judges but he appreciated the fact that Crystal hasn't changed who she is at all during this competition. I agree.

Lee is up next with "Simple Man". It was good and he performed like a pro. The judges loved it and Simon said the first round goes to Lee.
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RH of NJ- "Caught in the middle"

It's really sad when a grown woman constantly looks to her 11 year-old child for advice and even sadder when the child gives you sound advice. Danielle, Jacqueline sent the flowers to your daughter as a kind gesture- period! Stop being a fool and again get new friends. But of course you can't do that because if you did you wouldn't be on the show anymore. There's your pass Danielle. But please stop the shenanigans!

RH of NY- "Next time keep your crazy ass at home"

This is an episode that has so much crazy in it I don't even know where to begin but I'll start with the Luann's lunacy.

Who is this fool that really thinks that Countless can sing?!? Stop it!!!!! This guy is a complete idiot and he looks like a cross between a chicken and the guy from the movie "Powder"- YUCK!!! "Money can't buy you class, elegance is learned- my friends"- what the hell are those ridiculous lyrics? Ugghhh- I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't!!!!
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RH of NJ- "My daughter is prettier than your daughter"

So the  Jersey girls are still "Anti-Danielle". Teresa, Jacqueline and Caroline go to lunch and just when you thought this was going to have a leisurely lunch Teresa brings up Danielle. Jacqueline just wants peace and Caroline just won't let up because you must remember "there family is thick (pronounced like tick) as thieves".

Monday, May 17, 2010

Basketball Wives- "Cougar's don't throw-up"

Tonight we finally meet Gloria's sister- aka Gilbert Arena's fiancee aka one of Shaq's mistresses. Gloria looks up to her sister so there's no chance that she'll ever form any real friendships with the girls. Unfortunately, the real scoop of what happened between her sister and Shaq remain a mystery because that wasn't discussed.

Brandy & Ray J - A family business

Brandy and Sonya are working on their relationship not only as mother and daughter but as friends. Brandy
is really serious about getting her career back on track and this rapping thing- which is really funny to me.

Ray J is also ready to get in the studio with Rodney Jerkins, he has a cologne deal coming up and he's just ready to "take things to the next level"- his words. Ray's career is really taking off where Brandy's has been on hold and she's starting from square one again. It's sibling rivalry at it's best or worst. They're sharing a manager, Ryan, who is focusing on the money making machine- Ray J. Brandy, of course feels left out, and gets so emotional! Brandy- get another manager- period.
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

American Idol- Results show and Fantasia, BonJovi and Daughtry!

So tonight we'll loose another one of our Idol hopefuls and we'll be down to three. But before we get to that we have some performances.

Fantasia performs and sounds great! I really like this new song and she's giving us a very reserved Fanny. There's no sweating, screaming, kicking off shoes or bouncing around on the stage. Someone must have told her to change it up a bit. I'm glad to see she's embraced her re-invention. Now time for the bad stuff -her hair looks like a hat and her legs look like sausages in those leggings - but I like Tay-tay so I'm gonna give her a pass tonight. 
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dancing with the Stars- Results show

In a nutshell- Niecy is gone...

See ya next week...

American Idol- Top 4 and Jaime Foxx, Movie night and Duets

So we're down to the Final 4 and I think we're in for some fun tonight because Jamie Foxx is helping coach the idol hopefuls with movie theme night. No matter how serious Jaime tries to be I have a hard time taking him seriously.

Let's get started...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dancing with the Stars- Final 5- Race to the Semi-finals

We're down to the final 5 and things are getting really serious. The pressure is on as the teams have to learn two dances and it's anyone's game.

Let's get started...

First round is the Ballroom round.

Chad and Cheryl are up first. Chad is serious about winning this thing. I thought it was great. The judges felt like Chad needs to work a liitle harder and the scores for the first dance weren't so great.
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What Chilli Wants- "A little therapy never hurt nobody"

Chilli is turning out to be a really difficult client for Tionna. After last weeks argument between the "matchmaker" and "matchmakee" Chilli is open to evaluating why she doesn't have a man. Dating is put on hold until Chilli works on Chilli and a therapy session is in order.

I don't think that's a bad idea at all.
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Basketball Wives- "The Back stabbers, back stabbers"

This week the cat fight isn't with "the groupies". It's with one of the wives.

Jennifer is still struggling with her hideous husband's infidelity and Suzie and Evelyn suggest that what's good for the goose is good for the gander and that Jennifer should go out and get her own- rhymes with stick on the side. I think Jennifer really wants to work things out with Eric but feels a little pressured by her friends to move on. Jennifer, don't let your friends influence your decision. If you want to stand by your man despite his infidelities and despite the fact that it's stupid- it's your decision- own it!  More after the jump...

Friday, May 7, 2010

RH of New York- "The fallout and when did this become the Jill show"?

Let's say this altogether now- "Team Alex"! I never thought in a million years that Alex would be my favorite housewife and now that I see her for who she really is- I'm not sure why I never respected her for her "truth" long ago. I love it! She had a beef with Jill and held onto it so long, but thanks to Jill and Bethenny's BS, she was able to get load of crap off her chest while making the "Queen of Mean" look like an idiot.

Good for you Alex!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

American Idol-" Results show and Lady Gaga performs"

This is going to be a short post.

Last night the Idol's sang the tunes of Sinatra and things turned out exceptionally well. I'm not sure who's going home tonight but I would bet Casey, based on performance. But we all know that the American Idol voters are fickle and vote for people because "he's cute" or "she has pretty hair". Let's not forget "Smiling Tim". He lasted as long as he did because a bunch of 15 year-old girls thought he was cute with great hair- ugghhh.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

American Idol- "Final 5 sing the tunes of Sinatra and Harry Connick Jr mentors"

Why American Idol continues to do shows like tonight's songs of Sinatra is beyond me. I realize that Harry Connick Jr. is like a modern day Sinatra but if an artist doesn't sing the genre of songs that the winner will likely record then they can't be on the show. This is Harry Connick Jr.'s time to showcase himself- period.  Nobody is going to record an album that sounds like Sinatra. My prediction for tonight's show is going to be a big fail!

Aaron is up first and sings "Fly me to the Moon". It was actually pretty good. I'm gonna go easy on everybody tonight given the material. Randy liked it. Ellen said the vocals were beautiful. Kara said it wasn't as strong as last week. Kara- shut up! Nobody is Frank Sinatra so give the guy a break- she's annoying. Simon said it didn't have conviction. Simon you shut up too!

Casey sings "Blue Skies".  His voice is beautiful but no swagger but again I don't expect anybody to get up there and act like Frank Sinatra. Randy said it was his worst performance. Ellen didn't like it. Kara talked about - who knows. Simon said he wasn't fantastic and it was awkward. Well no duh! I'm so annoyed by this night- uggghhhh.

Crystal sings "Summer Wind".  Crystal can do no wrong. Beautiful! Randy said it was sleepy- whatever. Ellen was impressed. Kara liked it. Simon was sure about the song choice. I thought it was good.
The judges are expecting too much tonight.

Mike sings "The way you look tonight". Last week I think Randy said Mike sounded like the great Luther Vandross and tonight I really heard that in his voice. Beautiful. Randy loved it! Ellen really liked it. Kara said she was taken on a journey? She liked it. Simon loved it and said he put himself back in the game- well done! Mike may end up winning this whole thing! Mike just remember to control the cocky and America will stand by you.

Lee sings "That's life". I liked it. Randy loved it. Ellen loved it. Kara liked it. Simon said it was the best performance of the night.

(Final five- minus Siobhan)

See ya tomorrow for the results show...
And say goodbye to Casey- I think he's sung his last song :(

Dancing with the stars (Double post)- "We're down to 6"

So we're down to our final six couples. Things are getting really serious now. There was an individual dance and team dance. I'm gonna nix the individual scores and judges comments in this post and the following posts going forward for this show. Who will go home tonight?

Let's get started...

Erin and Maks danced the quickstep. It was okay. The judges liked it and they got some of their highest scores ever.

Cheryl and Chad danced the Viennese Waltz. Chad looked ridiculous with the white outfit but his dancing is improving. The judges loved it and said that that dance made him a contender.

Nicole and Derek danced the Waltz. Very nice.  The judges gave them high praise and high scores. Great job.

Pamela and Damian danced the Waltz. Pam took the sexy down a bit and the judges liked it.

Niecy and Louis danced the Quick Step. I really liked it and think it was Niecy's best dance yet. The judges agree with me.

Evan and Anna dance the Tango. Evan is the best dancer of this season- even better than Nicole and I think it's his ice-skating background that has put him over the top. Standing O from the audience and the judges loved it. The first perfect score of the season.

The group dance was outstanding from both teams. The scores are close and really it's going to be up to who America likes and dislikes.

And Pam and Damian have danced their last dance. Good and Bye!

See ya next week.

Basketball Wives- "Now it's on!"

Things are about to get really real- really quick. Jennifer's encounter last week with a groupie didn't go so well and that's not the last we'll see of that plastic mess aka Sandra.

Gloria and Matt discuss how the dinner with Jennifer and Evelyn went and Matt just doesn't want Gloria hanging we these chicks. Gloria wants to prove to the ladies that you can have a good and honest relationship with an athlete.

Real Housewives of New Jersey- "Can't we all just get along?"

We're back in the Garden State with the ladies from New Jersey. The tension between the group was at an all time high after the infamous table flipping at Teresa's dinner. Can Danielle get back in good graces with the rest of the ladies or is she better off finding new friends. After all, New Jersey is a big state and you're a grown woman so find NEW friends- but alas if you did that then where would the drama come from?