Wednesday, March 31, 2010

American Idol- "And then there were 9"

R&B/ Soul night/Results night continues with Ruben Studdard opening the show and old Ruben has lost a ton of weight and looks great- good for him.

Enough of the fluff-let's get right down to business and find out who's leaving tonight.

Katie is first to sit on the dreaded  bottom three stools. I'm a little surprised but fairly certain that she won't be going home.

Usher performs one of his new songs.

Didi is next to sit alongside Katie. She belongs there so I am not surprised.

Tim explains why he always smiles regardless of the fact that he stinks!

Tim is the last to of the bottom three. Thank God!

Katie goes back to sit with the rest of the idols- like I said earlier.

So who will go home- Tim or Didi? I'm not a fan of either contestant but Tim really bothers me because he is a bit cocky. I think he believes that he has a huge fan base that's going to keep him in the competition and I really, truly hope that he's wrong.

Diddy and Dirty Money perform before we find out who's going home.

And Tim is safe- Arrrrggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Utterly ridiculous! But I'm going to remain calm because his days are numbered. Do you hear me Tim ( I'm screaming) !!!!!

The judges decide NOT to save Didi.

Stop smiling and thank your lucky stars!

Bye Didi.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dancing with the Stars- "Who will be the first to go?"

It's results night and I'm hoping that my wish comes true and that Kate exits the building. She was by far the worst of the bunch last night - just a bumbling mess.

This is going to be a short post and we'll just cut to the chase.

If America doesn't send Kate Gosselin home I'm going to loose it. That pitiful looking face may not save you Kate- I'm not buying it.

Ohmigod! Are you kidding me?!?
I may not be back to post on this show because Kate Gosselin will be back next week! WTH people! What is the problem with the voters. You know good and well that Kate should be going home.

Shannon is the first to go. Sorry Shannon because it's not fair. Hopefully next week Kate will say goodbye.

See ya next Monday.

Sorry Shannon...

Should've been Kate!

American Idol Top 10- "Soul/R&B night with Usher"

I am so excited for tonight's R&B night on Idol. I can't wait to see what songs the Top 10 perform with coaching from Usher. Now you would think this would be a relatively easy night with so many great R&B songs to choose from but I'm cautiously optimistic.

Everybody seems to be getting more and more confident each week so people please be careful of your song choices and know who you are as an artist. If everyone remains true to themselves we should all survive this unscathed and happy.

Usher looks great and he's the only person that gets a pass and can wear the sunglasses at night without being called

Siobhan is first and sings Chaka Khan's "Through the fire" sounds good in rehearsal so let's see what happens live.  I love this song and she sounds pretty good- she's pretty pitchy in some spots but manages to put her signature scream in there. Good effort. Randy says it's pitchy and loved her courageousness. Ellen agrees with Randy. Kara said she's entitled to an off night. Simon said she sounded out of breath and she looks all over the place and he's getting bored of the screaming at the end.
Siobhan looks a little pissed at the judges judging of her. Maybe she's upset because she was so enamored when meeting Usher that she wanted to make a good impression? Who knows but pull it together honey. There is always next week and I'm sure you'll be back.

Casey sings "Hold on I'm coming" which has never been performed on the Idol stage. He sounds good, he looks good and like he really belongs on the Idol stage- he really surprised me tonight. Randy said it was a hot night for him and good song choice. Ellen said it was a little generic. Kara thinks he can show more range. Simon thought it was his strongest week so far- and I agree with Simon and really to me his opinion is the only one the counts. So there! Good for you Casey.

Mike sings "Ready for Love" by India Arie. I'm worried and not a fan but everybody seems to love him so we'll see. He sounds good. Randy loved it and said he is loving every performance. Ellen thought it was beautiful. Kara liked it. Simon said it is was terrific.

Didi sings "What becomes of the broken hearted".  All have to say is whhhyyyyy? That's an awful song choice and the perfomance is horrible just like I thought it would be. She's sucked the soul out of the song and made it sound like a Lite FM tune. Randy said the performance wasn't great. Ellen doesn't like it either. Kara said it was overdone- but Kara is so annoying she almost makes me not want to watch the show- ugghhhh. Simon said it was like swimming in jelly, it was so old-fashioned and that she sounded like one of the singers that sings with the "Dancing with the Stars" and. I agree.
Bye-bye Didi.

Oh God- Tim is going to try to sing Anita Bakers "Sweet Love"?!? Really?? I can't even imagine what would possess him to take on an Anita Baker tune. I can't stand this guy and his big head/hair. He should've been sent home a long time ago. This is one of my favorite songs and he is going to butcher it- ugghhhhh whhhyyyyy! HORRIBLE! It sounds like a cheesy lounge act and he has done a Didi and sucked every ounce of soul out of that song. My ears hurt. Randy said it felt really pedestrian and it had no swag. Ellen said it was a bad song choice and why? Kara said it was very Vegas and Broadway and she took the soul out of the song- I should be a damn judge. Simon said it was an inappropriate song but that unfortunately he'll be here next week.
Tim I think I hate you- lol.

Andrew sings Chris Brown's "Forever". Please don't screw this up Andrew- please! Good song choice. Randy loved it. Ellen thought the performance was great. Kara thought it was one giant leap in the right direction. Simon said he was boring and that he needs to show some personality. Good job Andrew.

Katey sings "Chain of fools" by Aretha Franklin. Why this old song Katey? I think this little girl is just an old soul because it actually worked for her- kinda. Randy thought it was one of the best vocal performances of the night. Ellen liked the vocals and wished she would've sang a more current song. Kara thought the vocals were good. Simon thought it was pretty good but robotic. He felt like it was very "Star Search".

Lee sings "Treat her like a lady". He's sounds good like he always does. I like him but there's nothing special about the performance. Randy thought it was unbelievable. Ellen thought it was the best performance of tonight. Kara thought it was amazing. Simon said this was the night that his life may have changed forever. Good for you Lee. I'm a fan.

Crystal sings Glady's Knights "Midnight train to Georgia". Go Crystal! The girl can SANG!!! Randy loved it. Ellen loved it. Kara loved it. Simon loved it and said she shouldn't change a thing. She kinda talks back too much but I'm a fan.

Aaron closes the show with "Ain't no sunshine when she's gone". It starts off kind of shaky and he seems nervous. It was okay. Randy thought it was okay. Ellen thought he did a good job. Kara liked it. Simon said it was okay.

So there you have it Idol fans. Who's going to be on the bottom this week?

Will Tim finally GO HOME?!?

Can't wait till the results show!

Kell on Earth (season finale) - "Surprise!"

Let me begin this post by saying that I will really miss this show. I enjoyed being a witness to the machine that is "People's Revolution". Now let's wrap this one up.

 Kelly has had it with the newbies that have no money and wants to focus on the folks that do. Meanwhile Skinner and Andrew try to plan a surprise birthday party for Kell at the Carlye Hotel  but it's gonna be a challenge because she always finds out about her surprises. If they pull it off they are truly miracle workers.

Kelly gets a call from DKNY about the possibility of working on a video about a new sweater called the "Cozy"- which I actually own in a beautiful hot pink- I love my Cozy.

Andrew and Skinner step out of the office - while Kelly is out meeting with DKNY- to work on the party planning. Frick and Frack go to the cake company for a cake tasting disguised as "Fiance's". If Andrew wasn't gay they would make a great couple. What with the greasy hair and just overall dirty look. This is not to say that they're dirty but they look it. I still love you Skins and Andrew!

People's Revolution is hired to work with Donna Karan and the company is going in a new direction with new media and the internet. Kelly is working on pre-production on the DKNY shoot. The budget is limited because once the video is produced it will be uploaded on fb and other style sites and blogs- brilliant!  It's gonna be a run and gun without permits around the city- extremely ambitious.

The day of the shoot they have 9 hours with the models and have to shoot various scenes "guerilla" style. Quick sidebar note-"America's Top former Top Model sighting" Fatima gets a quick cu on the show - she's one of the models. Kelly loves the craziness of production- getting the models across the street at one time is really difficult and she's doing crowd control. Cut and print-that location is done- 6 more to go!

Ava is at one of the locations with her friends so Kelly uses it as a "take your kid to work moment". But don't get it twisted when it's time to get busy she gets busy so it's no playground.

Robyn and Emily are running the day to day while Kelly is shooting the DKNY project. Skinner and Andrew are all prepared for the party and just have a few small things to wrap up. The RSVP list is getting a little complicated.

The DKNY shoot continues down at Wall Street and if you don't have the proper permit in front of the Securities Exchange it's next to impossible but Kelly uses her pull and they get the shot. They push to end the day at Washington Square Park- they can't go into overtime with the models but they need a proper ending to the video so they go for it. The shoot is a huge success! Kelly and the client are happy.

After the craziness of the DKNY shoot Kelly and Ava have mommy and daughter time at the hair salon.

Kelly shares the final piece with staff and it looks really cool.

It's party time and Robyn works on getting Kelly to "The Carlyle" to the made up cocktail event which is really her surprise party. Andrew arrives at the suite first and it's perfect. Kelly is asking a million questions of Robyn so she's trying to keep her off the scent.

Kelly arrives and is literally surprised to tears. She's really blown away and so happy by the show of love. They give her these goat hair shoes that she's had her eyes on. The party is a success.

Kelly is greatly respected by her team and they are looking forward to bigger and better things. She's very grateful because the People's Revolution team are not just her staff they are her family.

The End.

See you next season Kell!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Dancing with the Stars- ep 2- "Tonight is your last Dance"

More dancing tonight from our stars. Tomorrow one of the teams is going home. Tonights dances are the fox trot and jive. These two hour shows kill me softly so let's get started.

Shannon and Mark dancing the jive and I thought it was really outstanding. Shannon looked like she was having a ball. Len says that it was well done. Bruno liked it. Carrie Ann said it was a great improvement. I fully agree with the judges.
7,6,7 - 20

Aiden and Edyta dance the foxtrot. There is definitely some chemistry between these two and although Aiden looked really handsome he was still a little stiff. But they get an A for effort. Bruno said that they need to believe that they can do it. Carrie Ann said it was solid. Len said the footwork was much better.
7,6,6- 19

Evan and Anna dance the jive. It was really good and they looked like they were having fun. In a couple of spots Evan was a bit off beat but overall it was a great performance. Carrie Ann said it was great. Len said it was well done. Bruno said it was good.
8,8,8- 24

Niecy and Louis dance the fox trot. Aside from Niecy's hideous flesh tone and pink gown which makes her look like a muppet she did a great job. Len loved it. Bruno said nicely done. Carrie Ann said it was good and she has to do bigger next week.
7,7,7- 21

Jake and Chelsie dance the jive. It was a good effort for them. Jake was a little bit off beat but good try. Bruno said the energy was great but precision and technique need work. Carrie Ann said good energy. Len said overall it was good.
6,7,7- 20

Buzz and Ashly dance the fox trot. He did a great job this week. I mean he's like a thousand years- just kidding- old so it was much better. Carrie Ann said it was very charming. Len said he inspires, Bruno really had nothing good to say.
4,4,4- 12

Nicole and Derek dance the jive. They do a great job. I'm sure they will go far in the competition because they can dance and Nicole is beautiful. Len said it was great. Bruno thought it was phenomenal. Carrie Ann said it was perfection.
10,8,10- 28
First 10's of the season!

Erin and Maksim dance the fox trot. I'm not a fan of Erin's but I like Maks. It was fine. Bruno liked it. Carrie Ann liked it. Len said it was good.
8,7,8- 23

Pamela and Damian. Pam is just too much. She's so yucky too me and she just needs to tone it down. They dance the fox trot. She plays Marilyn Monroe and she played her perfectly. It was fine. Carrie Ann liked it. Len says she was titivating? Bruno said it was well executed.
7,7,8- 22

Chad and Cheryl dance the fox trot. Chad is a little stiff but he's trying- good effort. The judges are going to rip him because he is so stiff and he tried to kiss Cheryl during the dance- weird. Len hated it. Bruno said he looked uncomfortable. Carrie Ann says he has to let it go. He looks crushed and I knew they would rip him-awwww. Cheryl looks disappointed.
6,5,5- 16

And saving my least favorite person for last Kate and Tony doing the jive. She's a whiner and Tony doesn't like her.The man actually quits at one point. It's the usual Kate being a control freak. At one point Tony quits and she says she doesn't get it. Kate get this YOU'RE ANNOYING and you need to go home! ugghhhh
She SUCKS!!! The absolute worst performance of the night. Bruno said it was awful. Carrie Ann said she's happy that she made it through. Len said it was bad.
5,5,5- 15
Go home and be with your kids Kate!

Who's going home? Who deserves one more shot at the disco ball?
Find out tomorrow.

Buh-bye Kate. Go home and take care of your eight!

Kimora Life in the fab lane- ep 2

So the palace is ready for the queen and her family. She has to move all her things from Jersey to LA and Kimora's close friend Shani is taking care of the big move. She's not giving up the home in Jersey so that's what makes things a little complicated. Shani's hubby is going to drive all the stuff from the Garden State to LA.

Kimora and the girls go about the task of cleaning out Kimora's closet. And the things that she plans to donate are happily going to charity which is awesome. Of course Aoki and Ming want mommy's old stuff but Kimora wants them to understand that giving to people in need takes precedence.

They go to the food bank and take a tour of all the food that is there. Giving is big in Kimora's world. She donates Baby Phat lunch boxes and it really touches Kimora. You can be a Diva with heart!

Kimora let's the girls pick out new Sweet Dream Beds- for those of you who don't know like mu-wah they are these really elaborate beds- like castles and homes which serve as the headboards- at least that's what I think they are- google it if you want more info. Both girls decide on castle beds that are a little different. I'm sure they're insanely expensive.

Meanwhile Kimora is in LA and Shani is making sure things go off without a hitch. Shani has the entire family on board to serve as security to watch the moving staff to make sure that nothing is broken and that everything is handled with care. Kimora is calling constantly and trying to control the move from across the country- she is a control freak to the 100th degree. She's stressing Shani OUT!! Kimora and Shani (Sha-knee) have been friends for over 20 years and I think that if this move doesn't go well neither will the future of their friendship. Kimora is scary and I don't scare easily- lol!

Kimora and the girls and baby are in LA to preparing for a photo shoot with Baby Couture. The Baby Kenzo is PRECIOUS- love him! Kimora is directing the shoot while taking pictures. Mom and baby Kenzo take pics alone and then the last shoot is on the bed with the kids and everything ends well.

Shani gets a call from her husband about the fact that the rental truck company lost the paperwork so things are not going off without a hitch like Shani would like. Shani is on the phone with the district manager to expedite things. Orlando- Shani's husband finally makes it with the rental truck and now the packing of the truck begins.

Shani flys to LA to be with Kimora and wait for Orlando aka Chuckie to arrive with the goods. Tyra and her mom arrive and get an impromptu tour of the house.

The truck with all of Kimora's stuff has been stopped on the Nevada border because the department of agriculture found an Egyptian moth. Kimora speaks to the inspector herself and sweet talks him and the truck is released. Now the wait is on for the truck. Chuckie is lost in Barstow, California and Kimora gets directions and tells him to haul ass because the truck is 2 hrs late.

More stuff more problems- you can't drive a 50 foot truck in Beverly Hills without a permit but they find this out when the truck is on its way. Kimora can't find her assistant and everything is falling apart- things are not looking good. Shani doesn't want to tell Kimora about the permit issue with the truck but she decides to breakdown and tell her and Kimora takes off her earrings- which in the streets means that you're ready to kick some ass- lol. Kimora gets her security to try and pull a few strings to get the truck on the block.

While the wait continues for Chuckie and the truck the girls "Dream Beds" arrive and get set-up. Night draws near and they are still waiting for the truck- six hours later.

Finally Chucky pulls up and everything gets loaded into the house. Whew!

Aoki and Ming see their Sweet Dream houses which are gorgeous.

Despite the minor glitches all's well that ends well when you have a fab life!

Pretty Wild- ep 3 - "Who is Tess?"

The girls start this episode looking for sunglasses in Hollywood to hide from the paparazzi as the family makes the move to Hollyweird. There is major packing to be done. And Gabby still has reservations about leaving but it's a done deal.

Once in the new house they clean it of all the bad energies. Mom tells the girl about an opportunity to shoot with San Francisco 49er Vernon Davis. Alexis is excited because- of course clueless girl that she is- thinks that the lingerie company that made the wise decision to have her NOT represent their brand was wrong in their decision. Andrea let's her actually believe her own BS instead of setting her straight- but are we really surprised by that.

At the shoot the girls show lots of skin and flirt shamelessly with the football player. The shoot is a success and the girls invite him out for drinks.

Gabby is excited about the possibility of being able to attend public school now that they've moved. She wants to be a regular teen and meet friends and her parents are excited and agree to enroll her.

Meanwhile Andrea has a talk with Tess about- get ready for this- the fact that her biological mom, Tracy, wants to see her. Okay- so Tess is not really Andrea's daughter or Alexis or Gabby's sister. That's right. She blends in really well but she's not part of the blood-line. Apparently Andrea and Tracy were best friends, Tracy was doing something (maybe drugs or whatever) and Andrea adopted Tess as her own. Tess is not interested in reconnecting in person but will accept a conversation via e-mail.

Tess's new pup, Lola,  is pooping all over the house and she admits that she may have underestimated the responsibility of being a mom.

The girls get ready for drinks with Vernon and his buds and they're very excited to let loose. Vernon is obviously interested in Alexis and she in him. They have a great time and Alexis gives Vernon the digits and hopes he calls.

Tess and Alexis help Gabby get dressed for school when they realize that Lola, the new pup, has gone missing. They're all freaking out and crying and Gabby's first day of school outfit is ruined. Meanwhile poor Lola was roaming in the backyard and they didn't see her - what with all the hysterics and tears. These chicks put the D in Drama Queen!

Gabby's first day of school is a great success and now she's happy with the move.

The family has a talk about the new puppy and Andrea lets Tess know that they should give her to someone who can handle a new pup. This of course brings up feelings of abandonment for Tess and Andrea and Alexis- in their best baby voices- tell Tess that everything is going to be okay and that Tracy- Tess's bio mom- loved her but just wasn't ready to be a mom.

The family sits for dinner and Alexis shares the info about her shoot with Vernon Davis and Andrea's eyes light up with the thought of a football player being in the family. I see the dollar signs in your eyes Andrea!

Will we get more info about who Tess really is? I'm gonna stay tuned to see what the real deal is- will you?

Kell on Earth- "Can you pay my bills"

Last we met with the People's Revolution crew they were still short staffed and trying to get new clients to make up for lost revenue. Kelly's company has been hit hard by the recession and puts the staff on notice about making sure that they get payment on jobs prior to the job. The bills are stacking up and so getting more clients to make more money is the goal. Robyn is looking for a replacement for lispy-lisp. Michelle recommends a former co-worker of hers named Mallory - she doesn't look to enthusiastic to me when accepting the offer but she says she's excited and takes the job.

We get a look inside Skinner's life and visit her closet- oh I mean- apartment which is about the size of a closet. And guess what?!? Skinner has a boyfriend- Skinner has a boyfriend! I'm so glad this girl has a tiny semblance of a life outside of the People's Revolution office.

George Wayne- a writer for Vanity Fair comes to office to talk to the team about helping out with a big event for the magazine. He is a friend of Kelly's and wants this project done for free in 4 days no less. The team talks to Kelly about it and she says in no uncertain terms- HELL NO! You can't have a viable business by constantly doing things for free- period. No freebies people.

So the new hire Mallory ends up on Page 6 of the NY Post for stealing jewelry from a former employer- yikes. There goes that new hire. Skinner isn't too happy because no new body means more time at the office for her and less time spent with her "boo". Skinner goes out for drinks and Emily somehow ends up on the date- Emily I think that's weird and a bit inappropriate.

Kell is off to the Los Angeles office to look for some new business opportunities and Robyn is still interviewing. Robyn meets Grace, who came highly recommended, and Robyn is ready to hire her.

Once in LA Kelly meets with a music industry friend of hers about another business venture and she're ready to move ahead.

Meanwhile in the NY office work continues. Skinner and Andrew go for a walk and talk about the lack of balance between work and life- she spends more time with Andrew then she does her boyfriend.

Kelly meets up with her friend Rick Ross- owner of Delicious Vinyl. They go to Freak City an "everything" space and we learn that Kelly used to tour with "The Brand New Heavies" - who knew? Not really surprising though because creative people do all sorts of creative things.

She goes to the LA office and she wants to decrease overhead and increase revenue. An intern in the LA office interviews Kelly and she believes that the recession has made people to re-evaluate everything about fashion and people are just not going to spend 2,000 dollars on a pair of pants anymore. No surprise there.

At home in NY Grace begins her new life- or lack thereof- at People's Revolution. Kelly is happy to have Grace around and so is everybody else. Kelly plans on  renting out the 2nd floor of the building to a friend and now the team has the task of moving all the stuff. Skinner and Andrew assess the situation and everybody is just working together. Grace leaves the office at some point- because when asking Skinner if there was anything else that she needed help with and Skinner says no. Emily tells on Grace and Kelly screams on Skinner. It turns into a huge blowout. Grace gets called back into the office because Kelly tells her to come back. Kelly clears things up quickly- "we stay till the end". I'm usually on Kelly's side but this was made into a big deal for no reason- but I guess if it's your company and you're paying the new girl $70,000 a year you want to make sure that your money is being invested wisely.

Kelly talks to Skinner about her boyfriend who no longer wants to be her boyfriend because Skinner is a workaholic. I hope it's worth it Skins! Andrew really helps Skinner keep her sanity so it's sweet of him.

So we have one more episode left with Kell and the gang. '

Will People's Revolution go out with a bang? Will Grace return next week. Until next time...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kirstie Alley's Big Life- Ep 1- "The big weigh-in"

This show follows the former sticom star as she continues her battle with the buldge. She was a one time Jenny Craig spokeswoman who even went on Oprah to unveil her new bod in a bikini. But celebrities are no different than regular folks who lose the weight only to gain it right back. This country is body image obsessed so someone like Kirstie is a perfect target for the paparazzi and gossip rags. She talks to her son and daughter about whether or not her weight issues and the fact that she's "fat" again bothers them. They say no and just want her to be happy no matter what she weighs.

Kirstie has made a decision to change her life and weight for good and she's come up with her own weight loss program. The players in her life are Kyle - the apprentice, Kelly- her assistant, True- her son, Lily- her daughter, Kelly her assistant, Magdelena her housekeeper, Jim, her handyman ( who she keeps around because she wanted someone fatter than her around the house) and enough animals for a zoo.

Tracy is working with Kirstie to come up with a New Years Eve outfit so the search for the hunt for the perfect dress in on. Meanwhile, her kids find her on the floor in their home gym laying down instead of working out and trying to encourage her to workout but it's not going so well and she needs a partner to help motivate her. She asks Jim if her wants to buddy up with her and loose weight on her program but she tells him that he needs to be committed. He agrees so she now has a partner and no-more excuses

Tracy returns with several dress options and after saying no to like 12 of them she has finally found the perfect white gown.

Kirstie constantly sees pictures of herself on the cover of magazines and she's really depressed so the plans of wearing that perfect white gown and partying on New Year's eve are a bust. Since she's home alone she invites Jim over to eat and he happyily obliges. Over dinner they talk about his wife and she talks about her lack of a social life and says that she hasn't dated in 10 years. She really hates the way she feels fat and when she stopped smoking and using drugs it was hard to keep the weight off. She realizes that she has to change her habits to make a change in her life.

So at 5am on Jan 1st of this year she has the weigh it with her two assistants. She figures out that she has to lose 80 pounds and she's determined to do it for good this time.

Do you think she can keep the weight off or is this a losing battle? We'll just have to wait and see...

Friday, March 26, 2010

RH of NY ep 3- "Tell me how you really feel"

This season can officially be called "The Ugly Season" because just when you think things can't get any uglier they do- WHEW! Let's go!

We start at the tents of fashion week at the Pamella Roland show. Luann and Kelly go to the show together. In walks Bethanny and Luann immediately goes in on her about the fight between she and Jill and Bethanny sets her straight to the tune of "I don't like you, I don't trust you and I think you're a snake" Truth hurts and kudos to Bethanny for not talking ish behind Luann's back but telling her exactly how she feels to her face. Luann tells Kelly that she was attacked- which is not how it went because she "attacked"  Bethanny. This argument takes place before the show so once they sit down it is so awkward and Kelly tries to act like she's so embarrassed  by their behavior but she actually makes it worse by switching seats- she was in the middle- which leaves Luann and Bethanny seated next to each other. It was painful to watch so I can only imaging how it felt. After the show Luann and Kelly review the details of the incident and Luann tries to play the victim with Kelly and truly believes that she was attacked out of nowhere.

Bethanny does have something to celebrate though because Jason is definitely the one and has every intention of getting the engagement ring and so forth before they shack up. Kudos Jason! Bethanny people hate to see people happy and doing well. Let the haters push you forward girl!

Ramona goes to another show with her daughter and runs into Kelly and more uncomfortableness ensues. After the show Kelly says that she's taking Jill to a party to meet Perez Hilton and Ramona makes her feel guilty about not inviting her and so she gives her a backhand invite- which Ramona takes. So she sends Avery off in a taxi to make her way home all by herself- nice Ramona.

At the party Kelly gives everyone the scoop about what went down at the Pamella Roland show. Jill, who wasn't at the show and got her information from Luann starts to tell the story herself. Ramona comments to her single on camera moment that it's so typical Jill to tell a story that she's not even a part of. I hate to say I agree with Ramona.

Bethanny has a Skinny Girl set-up at fashion week and Alex supports her presentation at the Robert Verdi lounge and she tells her the entire incident.  Alex says that she's going to need to have a talk with Jill as well about the snarky Francois comment from last week- for those of you that didn't read my post from the last weeks episode-tsk,tsk,tsk- Jill made a very passive aggressive comment to Alex about her son crawling up some mans leg and Alex was not happy about it. Kelly, surprisingly, also comes to support Bethanny and they try to patch things up between them. Everybody plays nice for a change so maybe things have changed.
Kelly is sure to point out in her on camera moment that she is going to make an effort to be nice but she will never trust her. I'm not surprised.
Jill, her sister and mother are shooting the cover of the book that she co-wrote with her sister and Gloria (mom) is not happy. Jill is the spitting image of her mom. And Jill somehow becomes the center or attention of the shoot- surprise.

Meanwhile- Ramona and Bethanny go to drinks and Ramona is all too happy to get Bethanny's version of the story. Ramona says that the Countess is afraid to see Bethanny. Ramona refuses to take sides as it's part of her "new and improved Ramona attitude.Luann should've never gotten into the middle of Jill and Bethanny's issue from the beginning and then she wouldn't have had to worry about anybody giving her the business! Ramona is right to not get caught in the middle of the messy situation.

Jill is hosting a party at Saks and single girl Luann comes to her house before the event to get dressed. While Jill is getting her hair done Gloria entertains Luann. Luann takes a seat on the couch where Bethanny once sat and gets advice from Gloria. I feel like I'm having a deja-vu of last season. Luann's divorce went through that day and Jill is there to help her pick up the pieces. I think Ramona may be right again- Jill does like the underdog and now Luann you're it!

At the party Ramona is surprised that Saks is hosting an event for Jill because she heard a rumor about Jill being blackballed from the store for returning so much stuff and they were not happy about it. Kelly makes her entrance wearing a dress and weird fur vest. Alex and Simon come in and Luann chats them up- and Ramona comes over  out of nowhere and tells them that Luann didn't want to invite them to her party and she says she was just letting them know because Luann was being phony. Luann lies or does she and it's a crazy scene. Jill gets confronted by Alex about the Francois comment, Alex cries because you just don't talk ish about people's kids.  Jill throws Luann under the bus and says that Luann told that story. Luann admits that she did so really what could Alex say?  Ramona is getting tanked and is in rare form- she's bi-polar for sure. She apologizes for attacking Luann. Ramona asks Kelly if she's getting her breasts re-done because apparently they are off-centered. Kelly is offended and calls Ramona out on it and calls her rude and inappropriate. As Kelly leaves to say goodbye she tells Ramona that what she does with her body is none of her business and Ramona - who is for sure on something- stands her ground and insists that there is nothing wrong with what she said.

I think this episode is a good example of why if you choose to talk behind someone's back be ready to be confronted if said person finds out. Backbiting is not for weaklings!

Will Jill and Bethanny finally have their catfight or will they continue to avoid the inevitable?

Come back next week for more scoop on the crazy ladies of New York!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

'Expect 8 Little Faces' If Gosselin Lands in the Bottom 2

'Expect 8 Little Faces' If Gosselin Lands in the Bottom 2

Pretty Wild- Ep 2- "For every action there's a consequence"

The episode opens with Alexis speaking with her lawyers about the upcoming hearing and her attorney's start by telling her to make sure that she dresses appropriately - like no winter hats in 80 degree weather.

Later, Tess and Alexis go to visit Ryan Cabrera- ex-boyfriend of Ashley Simpson. He asks her out for a kinda date? Or what Tess interprets as a date. The girls then go for a massage and you instantly see why this show is on the air- lots of skin, very inapproriate showing of skin for such young girls. This family is like the trashier, less polished Kardashian clan. I guess if you consider them polished- lol.

Anyway-the next morning Alexis gets prepared for the hearing and she's very nervous. On the way her mom gives her an extra dose of Adderall- huh? At the hearing it looks like Alexis's ship is sunk and the evidence against her is pretty strong. Her defense team tries to dismiss but the judge says no way.

Alexis is scared that her next 6 years may be spent behind bars. Gabby is very upset for her sister and there are lots of tears.

The neighbors are now complaining about the families issues - specifically Alexis' behavior and the paparrazi and police coming to the house. Andrea- the mom- is over it!

Meanwhile Tess prepares for her date with Ryan. She's very excited. There are about 10 outfit changes which means more uneccessary nakedness- ugghhh. Tess finally finds the perfect bowling outfit. When she shows up Ryan is there with one of his boys and isn't super excited to see her and that instantly annoys her. Then in the middle of the game a chick texts him and she's not happy at all. She leaves for a few moments to call Alexis and complain about the "date" being a flop. Ryan says him and some guys are going to hang out after bowling- Tess respectfully declines. This girl is used to guys sweating her and that didn't happen at all that night. Good for Ryan Cabrera- sorry Tess.

The next day mom talks to the girls about the fact that they may have to move and Gabby literally loses her shyte!!! I mean she is completely beside herself and can't even stand the thought of moving into the city. Gabby don't be mad at mommy - blame your sister!

Stepdad Jerry takes Gabby out for ice-cream to talk about the possible move and smooth things over. I mean she's a teenager and she's scared and doesn't want to leave what's comfortable to her- I get it. Jerry is really understanding and sweet and she feels much better after the talk. He seems like a great step-dad - Kudos Jer!

Mom and the girls talk about living in the Hollywood area and how it will be a great thing for them and so it's settled and so it is. Hollywood watch out!

I think these girls make Lindsay Lohan look normal. What do you think?
Until next week...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

American Idol- Final 10 and Miley Cyrus performs

The results show is sooooo cheesy. The Idol hopefuls start the show singing George Michaels- "Wake me up". Watching Krystal Bowersox perform this song looked especially ridiculous. LOL ridiculous.

So I'm just going to cut to the chase and tell you who's leaving tonight. And after last nights horrible performance by just about everybody - except for maybe 3 performers- it's anyone's guess.

My picks for the bottom three are Paige, Tim and Andrew.  But I'm going to say that Paige's time is up and she'll be going home. That's my guess.

I was right except for Katey but she ended up being safe anyway.

And your reality guru is right again and Paige is the one to go and the judges choose not to save her.

Until next week my friends...


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

American Idol- "The number 1's"

Miley Cyrus  mentors the idol hopefuls this week. Yes- that's right a 17 year old mentors people- most of whom are older than her- but Miley has an old soul? Right? Ok - let's go.

Lee sings "The Letter". I love Lee's voice. The arrangement was a little weird to me at first but his voice is amazing so I thought it was great. Randy said he knocked it out of the box. Ellen said her "favorite pen" was back- fantastic. Kara- with her ever present drama- said he has grown tremendously. Simon didn't like the song pick and said that of all the number 1 songs why did he pick that one. Simon just expects more.

Paige sings "Against All Odds" by Phil Collins- the Mariah Carey version. Never heard that version. Not sure about song pick and she sounds awful- I don't know if she's still sick but the whispering is just not getting it. She's all over the place and there are audio issues with the mic - come on Idol production staff! Not good at all. She may get a do-over because of the mic issue. Randy said it was terrible- he's right. Ellen had no music critique - that's bad. Kara said her vocal was the worst of the season. Simon said it was all over the place and that she's going to be in serious trouble tonight. I agree. I can't imagine anyone doing worse than her so goodbye Paige.

Tim sings "Crazy Little thing called love"- why this song? There are a gazillion number 1 songs so why this cheesy song? I hated that performance - he's cheesy, the song was cheezy- ugghhhhh! Randy said it was like bad Karoke. Ellen said it was corny and she didn't get it. Kara said it was very Zac Efronish. Simon said it was pointless and silly. Simon said he has zero chance in winning.
I agree. Go home now Tim!

Aaron sings "I don't want to miss a thing" by Aerosmith. Awww- little Peter Pan was cute with his crush on Miley.  He's sick also but despite that he sounds okay. Again- the song is so Karoke cheesy but whatever. Randy liked it and says he's a fan. Ellen felt like that was a good song choice. Kara said it was the best song choice of the night- I don't really agree- but Kara shut up! Simon said it was brave but he's making himself old-fashion. I always agree with Simon.

Crystal sings "Bobby McGee" by Janis Joplin song. This girl is just a natural and it was an awesome performance. I look forward to her performances- amazing! Randy loved it and is so happy. Ellen loved it but wants to see a connection. Kara - shut up! Simon said he wouldn't change anything- thanks Simon.

Mike sings "When a Man loves a Woman". I just can't stand this guy. I think he's cagey and phony but maybe it's me. Anyway- he has a great voice but something about him is just corny. He's good enough to win and unfortunately because Crystal doesn't jump around and brown-nose he may beat her. Randy loved it. Ellen thought the song was a safe choice. Kara felt it was boring- I agree. Simon agrees with Kara and I agree with Simon. Whatever.

Andrew sings "I heard it through the Grapevine" by Marvin Gaye. Why this song Andrew?? Why? Horrible just like I thought. It doesn't showcase his great voice at all. He needs to go home too. He had so much potential and I don't know what happened. Bad, bad karoke! Randy says it wasn't good. Ellen agreed with Randy- bad song choice. Kara feels like he's confused. Simon said he sucked the soul out of that song and he was corny. I agree.
Goodbye Andrew.

Katie sings "Big Girls don't Cry" by Fergie. I love that song but I think it was too big for her. She was pitchy in a few places but at least she picked a song that's presently popular. It was okay. Randy liked the song pick. Ellen felt like it was her best performance- don't know about that Ellen. Kara liked the song pick and said she has "mad pitch issues"? Simon said meeting Miley helped her performance but that he doesn't know if she's believeable.

Casey sings "Power of Love". I liked it. Randy liked it. Ellen didn't like the song choice but said he was the best vocal of the night. Kara loved it- wrong. Simon didn't know what Kara was talking about- I agree. It wasn't orginal. I agree.

Didi sang "You're no good". Hmmm. She was making weird faces and I didn't really like it. Kind of cheesy lounge singer. Randy said it was pitchy. Ellen didn't like the song choice. Kara didn't like it and neither did Simon. I agree- horrible. She talks back at the end of the judges comments- shut up!

Siobhan sings "Superstitious". It was very Karoke. I didn't like it at all and that screaming is annoying. Randy thought it was great- huh? Ellen- liked it- huh? Kara liked the end note- ?- Simon didn't like the screaming either and said that it wasn't good- I agree again with Simon.

Overall the night sucked and everybody except Krystal needs to go home.

Who agrees with me?

Dancing with the Stars- Season 10 -Ep1

Five years of dancing super and not so superstars. This year host Tom Bergeron is paired with former Dancing star Brooke Burke who seems a little bit awkward and uncomfortable as a host but maybe as the weeks go on she'll get better.

Let's meet and check out the fancy footwork of this latest group of dancing fools.

Chad and Cheryl are the first up with the Cha-Cha. It was good and Ocho-Cinco can definitely move. Len loved it and see's his potential. Bruno  said he has to be more confident. Carrie Ann wants to see more. He is a natural.
6-6-6 across the board for an 18 out of 30.

Shannen and Mark are up next with the waltz. Shannon looks really stiff in practice so I'm afraid for her. She also looks old. The performance was just as I thought it would be - stiff and awkward. Bruno  thought it was okay. Carrie Ann said it was a tough first dance but she sees that she can improve. Len thought she had ease and elegance. Shannon was happy to see her dad happy. And he was crying and emotional as well.
6-6-6 across the board for 18 out of 30.

Erin and Maxim dance the cha-cha-cha. She's very stiff and doesn't use her long body to it's capacity so she looks awkward and doofy. Carrie Ann thought it was really good. Len thought overall it was good. Len thought it was good.
7-7-7 across the board for 21.

Jake and Chelsea dance the waltz. Jake is pretty good- a bit stiff but I can see that given a few weeks he will improve. Len thought it was good. Bruno thought it was a good effort. Carrie Ann said it was excellent.
7-6-7 for 20.

Niecy and Louis dance the cha-cha-cha. Niecy was animated and looked like she was having a great time. Of all the dancers tonight she is the only one that smiled and looked like she was having a ball. I loved it. Bruno said it wasn't sassy enough- what? Carrie loved it. Len said it was flat- what?!
7-5-6 for 18. Niecy girl  you were robbed!

Evan and Anna dance the waltz. It starts off shaky but Evan is very graceful no doubt from his olympic skating background. It was pretty and graceful. Carrie Ann loved it but said he needs to connect with the audience. Len said it was okay. Bruno said he was graceful and that it was wonderful.
8-7-9 for 23.

Buzz and Ashley dance the cha-cha. Buzz moves pretty well for an 80 year old man. You gotta root for the first man to walk the moon- come on! Len appreciated his bravery but didn't like the dancing. Bruno said let's hope he gets better. Carrie Ann said he inspired people tonight.
5-4-5 for 14.

Nicole and Derek dance the waltz. Nicole is beautiful and dances really well and gracefully. I would put them at the top of the pack for that performance. Bruno loved it. Carrie Ann thought it was passionate and emotional. Len was a little less impressed- whatever!
9-7-9 for 25.

Aiden and Edyta dance the cha-cha. Aiden is kind of stiff and awkward. But I can see him improve in a few weeks. Carrie Ann felt like it was dis-jointed and it didn't flow. Len didn't like it at all. Bruno said he was stiff.
5-5-5 for 15.

Kate and Tony. Let me just start by saying this is going to be a biased review because I just don't like Kate Gosselin. She seems cold, distant and just fake. Ok now that I have that out of the way let's talk about her dancing-stiff and not really good. Len said she looked nervous. Bruno said the technique was terrible. Carrie Ann said there was a sweet honesty to the performance- whateve. Again, she had a plastered fake smile on her face.
6-5-5 for 16. Go home Kate. And what do you mean you're glad that your kids can rest easy tonight? huh? Have they lost sleep because mommy is on Dancing with the Stars?!? Stop.

Pam and Damian. She's old and washed up but it was alright. Bruno liked the sexy performance. Carrie Ann said it looked like she was having fun. Len said it was messy- haaaa.
7-6-8 for 21.

So my hope is the Kate and Pam go home first. Who do you think deserves to have their dancing shoes taken away?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Jerseylicious ep 1- "Beauty reigns supreme in the Garden State"

Jersey is in the house- again-and this time we have a tanorexic, teased hair group of hairstylists and make-up artists to follow in the Garden State. Let's meet our new family for the next 8 weeks or so.

First we have Olivia a make-up artist who is trying to get her life in order and that starts by getting a job at the Gatsby Salon. She's an overtaned, overly made up munchkin. She's probably 22-23 years old but has done a great job at making herself look 55.

The owners of the Gatsby salon, Gayle and Christy, have decided to remodel the place. Gayle's husband Danny died 11 years ago and there is a huge attachment to this business and making it a success. With the new salon there are new people to hire. So mom and daughter set out to staff the new and improved Gatsby Salon. They need 3 hairstylists and 2 make-up people.

Gigi is the first to come in and interview. She does a great job. Teresa is next to come in and she's a mess. The permed hair and witch like cackle is jarring. Anthony comes in - he is a successful salon owner but has to temporarily close his salon because he is doing renovations at his place and wants to make the Gatsby his temporary home. He gets hired on the spot.

Olivia is late to the interview and gets changed in the parking lot of the salon. She interviews really well. As she walks out she runs into her arch nemesis Tracy. They hate each other because Tracy is now with Olivia's ex-boyfriend. They exchange glances and words. Tracy says Olivia is a giant bag of trash. Nice description. Olivia's interview style is- interesting- in a word.

Gayle and Christy discuss the prospects and decide to have Tracy and Teresa- the older woman -come in for a hair-off and then Olivia vs the other make-up candidate.

Gigi and Frankie have dinner at Frankie's house. Gigi and Frankie fight alot and they are both pretty jealous. Frankie looks like a cartoon character with the slick backed shoe polish black hair and silky looking button down shirt- I don't get it. He's 22 years old but looks older than his dad. Gigi gets a call at dinner telling her that she has the job at Gatsby and everybody is excited.

Gayle and Christy ride out to the "Glam Fairy's" - Alexas'- apartment. She's ranked the number one make-up artist in NJ/NY. She thinks the ish but her whole look is a hot mess! They want to bring the Glam Fairy into their business.

Olivia gets her call back from the salon and goes out to celebrate with her bestie Brielle. Olivia is an interesting shade of orange,brown, copper. Olivia runs into Tracy at the club and Tracy says something really rude. Tracy has Olivia shook- it's funny.

The Salon has an open house party/work day. Teresa with the 80's hair and her smokers laugh comes in and and the style-off between the older/younger generation begin.

Alexa meets Olivia and Alexa says that Olivia can't be the next hot make-up artist because the "Glam Fairy" doesn't know her.

It looks like Tracy has the job if she wants because Teresa is not quite what Gayle and Christy had in mind.

Mom and daughter go in the back to decide who will be the other stylist at salon and no brainer here- Tracy gets the job. Olivia's personality gets her the job and she's gonna work under the "Glam Fairy" who is not very happy about Christy and Gayle's pick. Gayle reassures Alexa and massages her ego and in the end she decides to work it out.

Tracy is determined to make Olivia miserable while they're at the same salon. Olivia is determined to make Tracy invisible.

Are you ready for the drama that's sure to be in full affect with the crew from the Garden State?

Until next week...

Kimora Life in the Fab Lane- Season 2 - ep1

The Queen is back to share what's new and happening in her more than fabulous life. The new season opens with Kimora three weeks away from delivering the new addition to the family. She's got the multitasking down to an art - she takes meetings and designs nurseries all in a car ride. And she always has time for her two princesses' and loves her girls which is awesome. She takes Ming and Aoki out to lunch to talk to them about their new baby brother. Aoki- the younger daughter, is a big personality and lets her mommy know- with no hesitation- what she will and won't do for the baby. Aoki is without a doubt a mini version of her mom!

Kimora and Dijimon are having their home in Beverly Hills built/renovated and it's gonna be a grand palace for sure. There's a lot left to do and meeting the deadline is important because the baby isn't going to wait. The girls and Kimora go to meet with James, the interior designer,  about the nursery. James can't get a word in edgewise with the jibber-jabber going on between the ladies. Kimora is a strong personality and wants what she wants- good luck James.

Kimora gets a call from the editor of Ebony magazine about a cover shoot with her, Dijimon and the new baby when he arrives.

James and Kimora come to a understanding with the design of  baby KD's (Kimora and Dijimon) room.

Kimora sits with her assistant Nikki about having a baby nurse come in to talk with the girls about the new baby and changing diapers and all that stuff that comes with a new baby.

Meanwhile, James is working hard to make everything happen in a 2week time period with the baby's furniture. He's rightfully afraid of Kimora.

The building/renovation is moving right along. Kimora is a little worried because there is still a lot left to do. Joseph, the builder, just yesses her to death which is probably the best answer even if it's a lie- lol.

Fast forward to the hospital and baby's arrival and the gang is all there. The girls stay for a bit and then it's just Kimora and her hubby. Despite being in labor I must say the woman is really beautiful sans hair and makeup. Kenzo arrives into the world 4 hours later and he is beautiful and they are just one big happy family.

The nurse comes in to give the girls their baby lessons. Ming is in mommy mode and Aoki is not so into it in the beginning but she comes around. They are really good big sisters.

The house is almost completed  and Joseph makes the call to Kimora about the house not being ready- give him 3 or 4 days - so Joseph you better make it happen.

The family prepares for their Ebony photo shoot and they are on a tight schedule. Dijimon and Kenzo are first and that baby is freaking adorable. Time is money and the window is tight on completing the shoot  with breasts needing to be pumped and hair and make-up needing to be completed.

Finally they're ready for the first pic and baby Kenzo is not very happy- awwww. He eventually calms down- Kimora pumps and then runs back to the set. The shoot ends happily ever after.

The nursery is completed and Kimora loves it and is happy with the work that James has done. He's ready for a well deserved vacation.

The rest of the house is completed on time and is breathtaking. The Queen has her castle and when she's happy everybody's happy.

We're in for a season of everything fabulous! Until next week...

Kell on Earth- "Are you down with the revolution?"

Kelly is annoyed because little things are falling thru the cracks - like having paper in the office. Andrew, her assistant, is supposed to be in charge of supplies and for whatever reason waited until 5pm to take care of it. Andrew comes from money- as Kelly says her grandmother used to say- "and he's been living with his ass on top of butter" and doesn't quite grasp the concept of hard work. He says in college he worked because he was bored - he didn't need the money. Well puff-puff Andrew. Robyn is annoyed with lispy-lisp as usual and he doesn't know if he's cut out for the business.

Andrew goes and orders 20 boxes of paper which cost $560 dollars. I guess in a rich man's world that's nothing. He lives in an apartment that's connected to his parents and has a Versace chair. He admits that he has been given way to much- which is a nice thing to actually admit I suppose but it's still obnoxious.

Kelly has a meeting with the group about how the business has been affected by the recession and how they need to forward despite being short staffed. Andrew is being asked to do more hours and take on  more responsibilities.

Kelly puts Andrew in charge of a new client because of his let's say- NON INTEREST- in PR? Hello Andrew- go somewhere else with your weathly self and give that job to someone hungry that really wants and more importantly needs to work- uggghhh.

Robyn continues to ride Andrew S's- lispy lisps. He thinks she needs to get laid and she might feel better. The 3 divas go on a walk to let off some steam and Robyn scores a date with some dirty looking skateboarder- hmmm- I don't know.

Skinner thinks that Andrew's work ethic leaves something to be desired. He's really not ambitious and is fine just being Kelly's assistant.

Andrew and the team help with the Xeniya look-book shoot and he seems more than uninterested. He just wants to play. Kelly is actually happy with how he performs and she's happy with how everything went.

Andrew loves Rick Owens and Kelly says that she'll get him a job at Rick Owens if he stays at People's Revolution for 8 months. It's a bit annoying how she gives him a pass for no reason. I'm a little disappointed with that behavior Kelly.

Lispy is at his breaking point and he hates Robyn. He tries to get some support from Skinner who tells him to basically man-up. Man-up lispy! Stop taking things so personally.

Kelly takes Andrew to a meeting with Stephen Jones (who looks like Boy George) a Milliner (hat designer). They try on a variety of hats and Kelly goes on and on about how cute Andrew is- huh? Stop it Kelly or I will stop watching and blogging this show.

Lispy is freaking out because he has to go to LA for a wedding and they are already short staffed. He talks to Kelly and things look bleak.

Robyn's boy toy, the yucky skater boy comes to the office. Sorry Robyn he's gross and greasy.

Kelly, Emily and Robyn go out for dinner and end up getting very flirty with the waiter. Kelly likes to pick guys up and set people up and I think she thinks everybody is beautiful.

Andrew has an Adams Family Dinner party and Skinner and Michelle are late because they were WORKING! Andrew was very upset. Get over it rich boy! So annoying. Really.

Lispy- lisp goes to LA for th wedding and ends up quitting over the weekend. Robyn is annoyed and Skinner just wants to know who's going to do her roots- haaaa- nice to see her laugh.

Who's gonna jump ship next?

Friday, March 19, 2010

RH of NY- ep 2- "The frenemy confrontation"

We start this week's show with LuAnn and her daughter Victoria talking about Kelly posing for Playboy and Victoria seems concerned for Kelly's daughter's since they're so young. I think deep down "The Countless" really wants to be asked to pose in playboy herself and asks Victoria how she would feel if she posed. Victoria says she wouldn't mind because her friends think that LuAnn is hot. LuAnn almost stops with the car - she's so pleased with herself that her daughter's friends think she's a MILF. She goes "what do they say"? And then tries to act like she doesn't really care and that actually it's weird that Vic's friends are checking her out. Whatever LuAnn- we all know that sadly this conversation made your day.

Kelly takes her kids to lunch to tell them about posing in Playboy and they start off by telling their mom how old she looks with her curly hair-which is hysterical. Then the snot nosed younger daughter (she literally has snot coming out of her nose) decides that the conversation is done. When Kelly asks why they think  it's so important to her to do Playboy Teddy says "to entertain people with your weirdness". Haaa! Kelly I suggest that you quit while you're ahead.

Bethanny is speaking at the Learning Annex. She starts off and it's like a comedy show peppered with her usual snarkey comments and curse words. I think she's funny and entertaining. She's happy with the way it turned out.

Back at Jill's Bobby and Jill get good news that Bobby's cancer is completely removed and they plan to celebrate.

At Kelly's shoot she of course compares her shoot to Bethanny's PETA shoot- stop hating Kelly. She says being on the cover of playboy is a stamp of approval that you're beautiful and that to be 41 and in playboy makes her special. Kelly in my opinion you look so much older than 41. What do you guys think?

LuAnn hosts the Ungaro fashion night out event. Jill is there of course and when "Silex" arrives with a wacky looking friend that Alex calls her "daygay" Jill is the first to notice and comment. When Kelly arrives the conversation turns to "Silex's" out of control kids. Jill asks LuAnn to tell the story about "Silex's'" older son climbing up some man's leg and Alex is not amused. Jill says that Alex can include a chapter in her parenting book about what to do when this happens. Alex says in her one on one camera conversation that she has a Chapter in her book about not listening to the well meaning morons- funny. Then of course the girls are dying to hear about Ramona's labor day fete and "The Countess" asks her point blank what team is she on. Alex says she's friends with everybody. They tell Alex about Kelly's Playboy cover. Alex is surprised about how supportive they're being of her because when her nude photos appeared on the internet everybody was completely disgusted- especially Ramona- who walked off the set of the reunion show when the incident was brought up. Fake BI's! "The Countless" explains that nude photo's on the internet are different from nude photos in Playboy.

Jill introduces LuAnn to a psychic that she trusts. Jill talks about Bethanny to the psychic and then she plays the message that she's kept on her phone for a while and I honestly don't see anything wrong with the message. Jill grow up! If a friend pisses you off talk to them about it or move on- period.

Ramona and annoying Mario go to the Legend's ball and Jill and Bobby show up. It's the first time since the Labor day parties and Jill brings up the "Countless" thing again- ugghhh enough- and confronts Mario about why he couldn't just apologize. Jill I think you're a baby- let it go and stop fighting LuAnn's battles. Enough!

Kelly invites Jill to her apartment. She has a plastic horse in the middle of her house. It's a huge beautiful place. Jill confronts Kelly about the 40th anniversary mix-up and that Kelly's not going to be on the 40th anniversary issue of Playboy because it's not the 40th anniversary-blah, blah,  Jill who cares? Get a hobby.

Alex tells Simon about the crawling up the leg conversation at the event and how pissed she was about it. Jill is judgemental period. Alex says that Jill likes LuAnn because she can control her and LuAnn is now the underdog- interesting. I can't wait for Alex to confront her.

LuAnn and Jill go to the Jill Stuart show and Bethanny arrives and says hello and moves on. You can see the tension between them during the fashion show. Finally the show ends and Bethanny asks whats wrong and Jill reminds Bethanny that she told her to get a hobby and she says she took her advice and got one. Bethanny explains herself and Jill walks away from the conversation. LuAnn- the underdog/ "Countless" acts like Jill's lawyer and takes her side. LuAnn and Kelly mind your business.

Jill I'm disgusted with you actually.

 I'm team Bethanny!

Whose team are you on? Did Bethanny handle things poorly?

Until next week...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Idol- "And then there were 11"

Tonights show is an hour long. An hour long wait to see who's going home and who the judges decide to save. The bottom three will be Lacey, Andrew and Lee.  My guess is that Andrew will pack up his guitar tonight but you never know which way America is going to go.

So here are the bottom three:
Paige (surprised kinda), Tim (no surprise) and Lacey (no surprise). And America gets it wrong again and sends Tim back. Lacey and Paige are the final two and Lacey is the one to go and the judges decide not to save her.

I think that the pick was fair so I'm with America and the judges. Bye for now Lacey.

Who did you pick?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

American Idol- Final 12 (An whole 2 hours!)

Tonight marks the first outing for our final 12 and 2 long hours of singing the hits. We've got a good looking bunch and they're going to be singing hits from the Rolling Stones. Let's hope that something good comes out of this- I'm not very confident at this point but the night is young so maybe the top 12 will prove me wrong.

Big Mike starts the night off with "Miss you". Well it looks like he's finally wearing clothes that fit which is a plus in my book. He's a big guy so I get the fact that it may be hard to dress him. Okay so enough of the critique of the clothes. I actually enjoyed his performance. Randy loved it. Ellen thought it was amazing. Kara- can't just get too it- she finally says that she liked it. Simon thought the performance and his dancing was corny and a tiny bit desperate. I agree with Simon a bit about the dancing but he's really big and bulky so it looks weird when he dances. Whatever- he'll be back next week.

Next up is Didi- who oddly talks through her teeth and she's kinda goofy. She sings "Play with Fire". It was an okay performance and the song doesn't have a whole lot of words or range. Randy thinks it's one of her best performances. Ellen thought it sounded great. Kara liked her intensity and the fact that she got dark. Simon thought the song choice was good and said it was a solid performance.

Casey sings "It's all over now". It was good. He's just one of those type of people that doesn't get super excited when he performs. Randy loved it and said he was back. Ellen thought it was fantastic. Kara said that tonight he was a rock star and what she really wanted to say was that she loves him again. Simon felt like it was an audition performance and that he has to push himself. I'm with Simon. The ladies love Casey so he'll be back.

Lacey sings "Ruby Tuesday". It sounds like something she's sung before. I think I can read the judges minds and there's going to be a lot of "it was boring" comments. Randy said it was an interesting performance. Ellen said it was sleepy but she's a fan. Kara said the performance was 50/50. Simon said she performs like an actress and she over thinks things. Lacey you could be next on the chopping block but you may have one more week in you because you're cute. We'll see.

Andrew sings "Give me Shelter". I like him but really hated that performance. Randy thought it wasn't great and pitchy. Ellen thought it was his best performance yet. Kara always takes the words so literally and didn't feel any intensity. Simon said that Kara is again talking to literally about lyrics. He hopes that he's back next week. I'm worried Andrew.

Katie sings "Wild Horses". I like her dress. She was good tonight and I am not a fan. Randy thought she sang it well. Ellen thought she was good and the song choice was good. Kara said it wasn't technically perfect but better than last week. Simon said it was a good song choice and that she connected- well done. She's safe.

Tim sings "Under my thumb". The song has a reggae feel and is kind of soulful but he has no soul or rhythm. Randy thought it was bizarre and he didn't like it. Ellen felt it was like she was at a resort. Kara thought his change up of the song was good. Tim replies back to Kara's comment- shut up! Simon said the reggae beat to that song didn't work at all and it was crazy. He is feeling very confident because he has a lot to say. I think shut up and just sing applies here. Goodbye Timmy!

Siobhan sings "Painted Black". I thought it was very Karoke. The best part was the end. Weird performance. Randy thought it was hot!- huh? Ellen says she rises above like Snookie's pouf. Kara thought it was the best performance tonight. Simon agrees with the panel and says he get's her now.

Lee sings "Beast of Burden". I liked his interpretation but it was a bit boring. Randy thought it was dope. Ellen thought it was great and that she was expecting more. Kara is driving me nuts- she said he's growing. Simon says his personality doesn't shine but his voice is incredible and he needs to have a momentand stop thinking that other people are better than him. I hope you're back next week Lee because I'm a fan.

Paige (blue contacts) is next. She's her mother's twin- by the way. She sings "Honky Tonk Woman". This is actually the first time that I could hear what Simon has been saying all along- her voice is strong. But what kind of artist are you? Randy liked it. Ellen said she has great presence and she sounded great. Kara like it. Simon thought it was great and that she hasn't connected but we finally heard the big voice. This girl actually has laryngitis believe it or not.

Aaron (peter pan) sings "Angie" . I'm sure Kara is going to say something about the fact that he's 16 and singing such a mature song- blah, blah. If she does say that I may agree with her. It just seems weird to see this little tiny peter pan boy singing about some woman. It was okay. Randy liked the tender moments and thought it was hot. Ellen thought the song choice was great. Kara liked it. Simon said the song choice was perfect and he sang within his limits. I guess I was wrong about this one.

Crystal closes the show with "You Can't Always get what you want". That's my girl! It was like Janis Joplin reincarnated. She has so much soul! Randy loves her even though it wasn't his favorite performance. Ellen loves her and wants to see more personality. Kara- is so annoying. Simon said tonight is the first night that someone beat her. Whatever - she's great period.

So who's going home? I say Lacey, Tim, Andrew or Lee. Who do you think is going home?

Jessica Simpson's- The Price of Beauty- ep 1

The former pop-princess and now "brand" that is Jessica Simpson travels the world with her two best buddies, Ken Paves and Cacee Cobb to see what beauty means to women around the world and ultimately discover what true beauty means to her.

I like Jessica Simpson and the show open is beautiful so I'm game to see what she learns. Our first stop is Thailand, Bangkok and Ken and Jessica start with a Thai massage which really looks a bit painful and is more like a form of exercise where the massuse pulls and tugs at you to stretch you out. There's no rub down or lit candles and soft music. It's a time of discovery so the group is remaining optomistic

The beauty ambassador for this leg of the trip is Sonia Couling, model/actress. They start at Wang Lang market where most of the Tai women shop. Fortune telling is huge and Jessica gets her plam read and is told that she's lucky in love- hmmm. Well her friends and family love her a lot so she is lucky in love.  They make a pit-stop at a vendor and snack on fried worms, crickets and cock-roaches- it's supposed to speed up your metabolism. Casey and Jessica both spit the worms out right out on the sidewalk.

Then it's off to see what type of  beauty products Thai women use.  In Thailand using skin whiteners is the way to go. Sonia then introduces them to a woman who looks like she has vitilago but what happened was she used skin whiteners and her skin was burned off.  She cries and says that now she hates herself. The group is sad to here her story and Jessica embraces her.

From there they take a tuk-tuk  to meet a Buddhist monk. The monk tells them that true beauty comes from inside- well you didn't have to travel to Thailand to figure that one out. Anyway- then they go into meditation and Jessica's ADD kicks in and she can't control herself and starts giggling. I didn't really expect anything different coming from Jessica- she's a little goofy and in her defense it's hard to meditate for what an entire 30 secs? Hmmmm- just kidding- I really have no idea how long the meditation was but she gets an A for effort.

The next stop is Chaing Rai which is in the northern part of Thailand. They take a ride on an elephant to meet the women with the rings on their necks- the women of the Karen tribe. The longer the neck the more beautiful you are. They want them to stay for dinner and they pick out the pig that they'll eat later for dinner. Then we meet a pretty little 6 year old girl- Chum- Chum who receives her first rings. Jess and Casey get their rings and brightly colored ribbon. It's not customary for men to receive rings but Ken gets them too.

The tribe cooks a feast  for the trio which includes the pig that they handpicked and frog grilled on an open pit- yum. Frog legs actually taste like chicken so it was probably pretty good- lol.

I don't have an ending to this post because my DVR cut off the ending- thanks VH1. Next time I'll remember to either watch the show live or tape the next show as well.

At the end of each "POB" post I'm going to leave you with a beauty-ism. The first is an oldie but goodie.
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"- Margaret Wolf Hungerford aka "The Duchess".

Until next week...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Kell on Earth- "Everybody Relax!"

It's Kell's last day in London and she's spending some quality time with her "baby daddy"- they have a very European relationship- her words not mine. But alas work calls and the girls and Kell are producing the Jeremy Scott fashion show in London- the last show for London fashion week. The crew is producing every element of the show and Kell is looking very rocker chic like a cross between Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons but somehow it works for her.

Back in NY  Stephanie Skinner gets an e-mail from Emily about what the team is not doing- it was an all caps e-mail type of vibe so someone is going to catch it.

At the show Emily and Robyn are acting like body guards and watching over the front row of the show and making sure that nobody steals the coveted goody bags. The theme of Jeremy's show was "The Flinstones" and the crowd loves it and him. Jeremy is very happy with the way things went. Right after the show Kelly and the crew do their rounds for the Fashion counsel and Kelly ends up showing a designer how to merchandise her brand and the lady knows her stuff- no doubt. After the tour they do a goodbye dinner with Ilario and it's a celebration bitches because London fashion week went great. Kelly definintley would jump at the chance to have a permanent relationship with Ava's dad but I'm sure she would deny that till the end.

The senior team returns and settles in  and now they are throwing everything at Skinner. Kelly lays into Stephanie and tells her when she specifically asks for something it should take priority.

Kelly continues to work on her book- "If you want to cry go outside" and her goal in the book is to teach young girls that if you want to work in this industry don't expect to be treated with kid gloves.

Kelly is also trying to teach Skinner how to delegate and be a winner. When you don't ask for help you affect the entire team and she's right. Kelly juggles book writing and mentoring with picking up vibrators  and lube for some of the team. Talk about multitasking!

Emily tries to take some work off of Skinner's plate and she's reluctant to give them up. Emily starts yelling and talking really nasty and Skinner breaks down and goes outside. She claims that she's not attacking her but she is attacking her. Someone give this girl an assistant and hire more people! She calls Kelly to vent. Kelly supports her because she knows how valuable Skinner is. Emily is a robot and needs to get some because she doesn't have a soul- her life is People's Revolution! No work life balance is so 90's people- you can have a life outside of work and be successful but I guess she didn't get the memo.

Skinner returns to the office to talk to Emily about priorities and they come to an understanding.

Lispy lisp goes on a blind date and they play work association- it's starts off innocently and then gets very sexual. He says he doesn't know how it happened but Lispy you said banana and then things then went to the left! Kelly and Andrew show up on the date- which is really weird and inappropriate.

The team is off to the event at InaMen and they secured a lot of important editors and the tequila was freely flowing until- oops the tequila runs out. Skinner reaches out to the tequila company and they're going to bring something in 15 mins. Emily continues to freak out and Skinner is weirdly calm but she must be freaking out on the inside. Finally the day is saved, the client is happy and the tequila arrives right on time.

Kell finishes the book and now it's time to shoot the with one of her favorite photographers. Ava and Kelly take a photo together and it's really sweet. Kelly is a great mom and Ava is pretty lucky.

Will harmony reign supreme at People's Revolution or will another team member jump ship?

Pretty Wild- ep 1 "The Arrest"

I had reservations about blogging this particular show because it's a perfect example of how ANYONE can get a reality show specifically by behaving badly. I feel bad for teenage girls because it's easy to understand why they believe making sex tapes, doing drugs and getting arrested is the way to get famous fast because essentially it is. 

Anyway- that's my personal opinion and now let's get to the meat and potatoes of this trainwreck of a show.

Let's meet the three pretty wild girls. First we have Tess, she's the oldest and she's a print model, Alexis is the middle child and also wants to be a model and she competes with Tess. Gabby is the youngest and most mature and acts like the parent and even parents her mother- they're all on medication for ADHD. Andrea, momager and former playboy model is the ringleader of this mess Jerry is the stepfather. The girls are homeschooled  4 days a week and the teachings are based on the movie "The Secret".  That's right people - not the Bible, Koran or any organized religion it's based on a movie. Not judging- just saying.

Tess and Alexis have an audition for Biatta lingerie and they will also be the face of the brand. They both get the two year contract to be the face of the brand and with that comes alot of responsibility and maintaining the integrity of the brand.

Meanwhile- Gabby sees a story online about a guy named Nick - the guy arrested for robbing houses in Hollywood and Tess and Gabby are in the pics which could mean bad news for the girls.

Late that night Tess and Alexis go out to dinner with Mickey Avalon to be the "rock bitch" in his new video for the song "Rock Bitch" and whomever does the best pole dance wins the role. So with tits and asses hanging out the girls hit the pole like they've been doing this forever. What is wrong with this picture and "momager" you need to do less managing and more mommying of these girls.

The LAPD wakes the family up the next morning with a warrant to search the house for stolen property and Alexis is arrested and taken away in handcuffs. Mom is wide eyed and crazy looking. Before they go to police they have a prayer circle with mom, Gabby and their biological father. Gabby is very upset and when they arrive at the precinct Tess is posing for the cameras with her sunglasses on - at night- and acting like she's upset but she's really loving the attention.

13 hours later the girls go inside to await Alexis's release and laugh and giggle when she's released. I understand being jubiliant but she was released from Jail not away on vacation- WTF! Tess happlily exclaims that the paps were out in full force with video cameras and once they break out of the pokey all three girls are clearly very happy for the attention. It's like three Lindsay Lohan's all at once- YUCK!

The next morning Alexis proclaims her innocence. Biatta lingerie calls to tell Alexis that she can't walk during LA fashion week and they also have to pull her from the campaign. She's devastated. So much for any press is good press.

Tess goes on  to walk the runway without her sister  and mom Gabby and Alexis are there to support her. She walks the runway with her thong and bustier and Mom is so proud- huh?

And so it is... what is wrong with these people? Are you gonna join me and watch this trainwreck?

Friday, March 12, 2010

RH of NY- ep 2 - "Sometimes you have to take sides"

This weeks episode starts out in The Hamptons at the Pink Elephant with Bethanny, Ramona and their men. Luann is the hot topic and Ramona rehashes the whole altercation with LuAnn. She says that she felt "verbally raped" by the group. Ramona you are a tad bit dramatic. Bethanny gives her fight story with the "Count-less" and then they go dancing and Bethanny says Ramona likes to dance until her "cootch" falls off.

Back at LuAnn's,  Rosie, the former nanny, comes to visit the family. Since the move to the Hampton's Rosie can no longer work for the family. LuAnn's sweet daughter Victoria has apparently been the bad girl and fell off the roof- LuAnn thinks she may have tried sneaking out of the house. Well that didn't go over too well because she broke both her arms- cute.

Meanwhile Alex, Simon, Ramona and Mario try to make peace and form a friendship over a nice dinner. When Ramona and Mario walk in the group sees that Mario and Simon are dressed in twin white Miami Vice suits- maybe they're more alike then they want to believe.Ramona and Mario bring up the "Count-less" remark AGAIN and then Mario decides to leave LuAnn a message and invite her to their Labor Day party.

Jill and Bobby are staying with LuAnn at her house in the Hamptons. LuAnn let's Jill listen to the msg that Mario left. Jill says that if LuAnn doesn't go she won't go- it's very high school. Jill calls Ramona on speaker- while LuAnn is present and then Ramona proceeds to lay into Luann and calls her a slut and all types of craziness! I think it's safe to say that LuAnn and Ramona will not break bread anytime soon. LuAnn is pleased by Jill's loyalty. LuAnn then goes on to tell Jill about her drinks with Bethanny. LuAnn says she hopes that they'll make-up and Jill doesn't think so.

Bethanny and Jason are really sweet together. They have the "let's shack up together" talk and Bethanny is pleasently surprised to tears with Jason's sincerity. He's a great guy and they are sweet together.

Ramona is preparing for her big Labor Day sware. She leaves a place for LuAnn and Jill in case they decide to show up.

LuAnn has a party at her house, because after all would you want to show up to a party where the host thinks you're a slut and a swinger? I don't think so. Anyway, Kelly is invited to LuAnn's party because she wasn't invited to Ramona's. Kelly comes bringing news and before she shares it she starts out with this diatribe about being authentic and friendship and wtf are you talking about Kelly!?! The big news is she's posing for Playboy's 40th anniversary issue. Why can't you just say it and not be all dramatic about it? ugghhhh. The Countess and Jill are relieved that it's nothing terrible but of course LuAnn has to try to one-up her and brings out her Playgirl cover from 1,000 years ago and Jill is judgemental and jealous and says she wouldn't pose if she was asked. Well Jill- consider yourself lucky and the rest of the world blessed because no one is asking you to pose nude!

Kelly shares her good news about the Playboy spread with Bobby and LuAnn's kids and Bobby congratulates her and then goes on to share the fact that he has every issue of Playboy from 1969 to 1988 in his mother's basement. Kelly thinks it's weird that Bobby has a bunch of old Playboy mags and  may add her cover to his collection. All together now- CREEPY!

Back at Ramona's Bethanny gets the rundown of who's coming to Ramona's. Bethanny feels weird about seeing "Silex" because she hasn't told Alex that she went a different direction with her logo. She immediately talks to Alex about it and Alex seems surprised that she brought it up at the party but she appreciates her honesty. The topic of conversation for the 200th time is "The Count-less" comment. Bethanny brags about how she's been so busy and Mario explains why Jill may be mad. Shut up Mario! A random friend of Jill's stands-up for Jill and Bethanny doesn't understand why her issues with Jill are being brought up by some random woman at a Labor Day party- well because you brought it up Bethanny! Alex explains that she and Simon are going over to LuAnn's and Ramona gets upset. Mario pipes in that it's really Classless that LuAnn takes their guests- crazy! What- you can't go to more than one party in a day? Alex says she's not taking sides and again "Ms. Mario pipes in and says sometimes you have to take sides. Ramona- your husband needs to man up- stat!

Alex punks out and and calls Jill and tells her that they can't make it to LuAnn's. Jill asks for gossip and Alex shares some of the conversations that were had over dinner. Jill finishes her conversation with Alex and  then "JillAnn" continue their talk about Ramona, Bethanny and that group.

Can these Housewives leave the past in the past? Will Jill and Bethanny kiss and make up? Whose team are you on?

American Idol- Results Show Top 12

Tonight we find out who our top 12 finalists are. For the guys it will be tough to choose because they all did so well. I think the girls will be a bit easier.

Can we ditch the cheesy opening number from our idol finalists? It's just so weird and awkward. Tonight's song sounded like something the "The Partridge Family" would sing- ugghhh. The show could easily be cut to 30 mins by announcing the losers and just getting on with it.

Let's start with the ladies- Didi, Sioban, and when Paige and Caitlan are called down surprisingly enough Paige is safe. Both her and Caitlan sucked this week and they should both go home in my opinion. Next 4 boys a called down- Tim, Toddrick, Lee and Casey. And on the silver bench goes Casey, Tim Urban (wrong America), and no surprise here Lee finds a bench. Toddrick was very gracious and goes out with a song. Tim you better thank your lucky stars everyday because you shouldn't be here!

So my two favorites, Alex and Andrew are left from the boys. I think it's gonna be Andrew that goes home- I'm angry! But I'm wrong and Alex goes home- awww. He's so cute and clearly upset . His last song is so sad and quite fittingly he sings "Trouble". Sioban is crying hysterically- I'm so sad and tearing up myself.

We only have two spots left now- Katey and Lilly. I think Katey needs to go home. Lilly is better but quirky so I don't know what America is going to think. And American got it wrong again and picked Katey.

So there are your top 12 American Idol finalists: Didi, Sioban, Paige (and her blue contacts), Tim, Lee, Casey, Crystal, Mike ( he's kinda cocky and I kinda wish he was going home), Lacey, Aaron (peter pan), Andrew and Katey. You picked them America- so do you agree with the picks?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Idol- and then there were 8- guys night

The boys are back and everybody has a guitar and let's see who ends up in the final 12!

Lee Dewyze starts the show with "Fireflys". I like this guy- he's like a little John Mayer a little indie. Randy thought the song choice but he made it work. Ellen liked that he made it rock despite the pitch problems. Kara said he looked confident and that he made the song a better song. Simon said he didn't have a moment with the song but said that he was better than the version of the song he performed.

Alex Lambert sings "Trouble" and I love it! I love this guy and his voice is so unique and pure and he's adorable. Randy wasn't wowed with it. Ellen loved it and said he's getting better. Kara- ugghhhh- shut up! She says he needs to let go- I agree. Simon says he needs to relax and imagine Randy in a bikini and let himself go but he likes him. Go Alex!

Tim Urban sings "Hallelujah". He reminded me of The Who. He's not my favorite but it was a good solid performance- kinda weird? Randy said he did a pretty good job. Ellen gets up a hugs him. Kara liked it and said it was an honest interpretation. Simon feels responsible for his performance and giving him confidence. He said the song choice was terrific and his strongest performance.

Andrew Garcia sings Christina Aguilera's "Genie in a Bottle". It was an interesting rendition and I like this guy. I think it was a brave performance. Randy didn't like it- I don't agree. Ellen liked it. Kara felt like she couldn't hear anything till the end and that it wasn't great. Simon said it was desperate but that he's going backwards. I'm a fan.

Casey James and actually sounds really good. The boys are super strong tonight. Randy thought it was safe. Ellen liked the performance. Kara likes it and him. Simon said it was better than last week and that it was a sincere performance but forgettable.

Aaron Kelly sings Longstars "I'm already there". He looks like Peter Pan. It's pitchy and kinda corny but he's not a favorite for me. Randy thought it was good. Ellen thought it was too much song. Kara said the song was too old. Simon thought it was the right type of song and was a great vocal. Simon shut Kara down- good! Who takes the words to a song so literally?!

Toddrick Hall sings Queen. I don't know about the performance. Randy liked it. Ellen liked it. Kara liked it and Simon said that that performance may have saved him.

Michael Lynche sings Maxwell's - This woman's work- He's not my favorite but it was a pretty good performance because that's a hard song. Randy loved it and said it was hot. Ellen thought it was beautiful and that he's the one to beat. Kara crys - get yourself together beyotche! Simon said it was the best performance of the entire season. Ok.

I say by Toddrick and unfortunately Andrew. What do you think? Who's going to be in the top 12?