Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kell on Earth- ep 3- "Sexy Lingerie Sells"

The People's Revolution crew continues world domination with the Agent Provocataur show. For those of you who don't follow fashion or sexy underwear Agent Provocataur has some of the sexiest, classiest lingerie around. The other half of the team is working on new designer Nicolas Petrou's show. Because this is a new client it's very important that the invites are done correctly and that the press attend. Stephanie V. was put in charge of the mailings and messes up again and Emily has had it with her incompetence. Andrew tries to help her and she cries and freaks out. Kelly steps in and states that "if you can't put a stamp on an envelope then you need to find another job"!  Emily also notices that the press release for the Petrou show was sent out with the designer's name spelled incorrectly. She confronts Stephanie V. about this- her 100th mistake and she is actually flippant about the error. Stephanie V. - clueless girl- it's the client's name that you misspelled on the press release- that is HUGE! Kelly and Emily go to the Petrou show location to set-up the space and check on the models. The designer's showing is very avant garde- the model's are dressed in head to toe body socks with his clothing over the body stocking. The designer tells Emily that he had an interview with  WWD  magazine and that he thought the interviewer was a bitch! Wrong move Nick. Being rude and disrespectful with to any publication, but that one in particular won't get you very far in the fashion world. The show ends up getting mixed reviews but People's Revolution did their job and had press coverage and interviews for the designer. When the time comes to collect the rest of the money owed to the company  Nicolas tries to get out of paying of his debt and he and Emily go back and forth on the phone for a bit. Kelly  takes the call and says pay the rest of the money that you owe or she'll take him to court and she's also going to keep the images from the show. She also says that she's going to post on facebook that he's a thief- haaaaa. If I were you Nicky I would pay up! Meanwhile-Robyn and the crew are still looking for a venue for the Agent show. Jessica, the head of the brand, wants a big bang with little buck but they manage to find a space. Things are a bit stressful because the Agent client needs alot of hand holding and is a bit high strung. Robyn calls Kelly to come and help her out. In the end the show is beautiful and gets great press and Jessica is very happy.
Next week People's Revolution looses alot of dead weight!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kell on Earth- ep 2- Seats, Seats and more Seats

Last we left the People's Revolution crew the seating list was causing major drama as the print out of the list just wasn't accurate thanks to a computer glitch. The fashion show goes on without a hitch but Rado Ralph Rucci's camp is unhappy because- in a nutshell- everyone just can't sit in the front row and he didn't get the cover of WWD. In the end Kelly gets fired. Although she's upset because Rucci is a huge client life goes on and so does fashion week.

The crew moves on to one of her favorite clients, Genetic denim. Ali, the owner of Genetic is showing his jean line in fashion week for the first time, so it's extremely important that things go well.  Stephanie Skinner in still reeling from the Rucci show seating mess and is way overdue for some tlc. She enlists David (lispy, lips) a former hairstylist to cut and color her hair. Her roots and face need a pick me up stat! While getting pampered Stephanie V. calls her about a stamp debacle that's going on back at the office. Stephanie V puts 61 cent stamps on the genetic denim invites. Emily explains to her that the envelopes just needed the standard 41 cent stamp, and Steph V says that no one told her how to put the stamps on an envelope- SERIOUSLY! Steph V your future looks bleak!

The thing I really appreciate about this show is that it's the truth and nothing but the truth. It's a true representation of the workplace- the good, bad and the ugly. And the ugly can get very UGLY! The interns are given the task of making gift bags for the Genetic show and fail miserably by throwing jeans into the bag with no tissue paper and using Sharpie's to label the bags. Stephanie V is in charge of the interns and they have no problem rightfully, throwing her under the bus. Kelly flips when she sees this mess and says that they have no common sense- which is true. In life, you will not make it without commonsense. Kelly kicks the interns out of the office for an 1/2hr to give them a chance to think about their what they did wrong. She also suggests that the idea of interns is ridiculous and that if you come into People's Revolution with the desire to learn you should pay her 10 grand to do so. She's right.

Meanwhile the Genetic Denim show is coming together without a hitch. She goes with the designer to see the space where the fashion show will take place and is excited about what he's set-up. The day of the Genetic presentation, where the models basically stand like mannequins for 3 hours, a model passes out and the fire department and ambulance arrive to assist the downed model. Kelly asks the firemen to move the side and the ambulance truck outside to please turn the lights off so that the window display from the outside isn't ruined. They comply and the entire incident is taken care of in 5-7mins. The model was fine and the show was a success. Ali was very happy and the show was well received by the press.

Back at the office Kelly talks to the lead intern Tim and explains to him why she was disappointed in him - he's from Ireland and didn't really know what he was in store for him when he took this internship. He calls his mother to check in with her and Kelly asks to speak with her. She assures his mom that he's fine and that's he's doing a great job. The mother is grateful to Kelly and can't thank her enough for taking care of her son and giving him the opportunity (clearly there is some behind the scenes nepotisim going on that we don't know anything about- no judging, just saying). She even refers to Kelly as sweet- which makes her really laugh.

Skinner is still working like and dog and Vorhees can't figure out what to do without being directed and she actually says as much. Andrew actually makes a great assesment about Vorhees; she's the type of girl that has never had to work for anything. She's gotten by this far in life by her looks and bubbly personality.Clearly, none of these traits are helping her in the real world.

Vorhees ends the episode whining to Kelly about being overwhelmed but being determined to get through it.

Let the countdown begin on Stephanie V's exit...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kell on Earth (ep.1)

In this opening episode we meet Kelly Cutrone and her crew at "People's Revolution." Kelly may be viewed by some as a hard ass, crying is not allowed in the office, but I think she's just brutally honest and there is a lot at steak- this is her business that she's built from the ground-up and incompetence just won't do. Lets meet the players:

Stephanie Skinner is her old assistant and is now a junior account executive. Fashion week has made this poor twenty something girl look 20 years older.

Andrew is Kelly's new assistant. She hired him because she thinks he's edgy, has a great sense of fashion and he isn't blonde.

Robyn is Kelly's business partner. She's hardworking and doesn't seem like she's even remotely interested in having fun but I could be wrong- it's only the first episode.

Emily is Kelly's other business partner and right hand. She's doesn't take any shorts and is definently the type that I could see embarrasing you in front of your co-workers without a second thought. We'll meet the rest of the group in later episodes.

With fashion week beginning Kelly reminds us of the debacle that occured last year with Ashley Dupre and the Yigal show- basically Ashley crashed the show and Yigal was not happy about it. Kelly was subsequently fired but there is no such thing as bad press so it certainly didn't hurt Kelly in any way. Ashley and her mom come to the office for a visit with Kell and it's very clear that Kelly is fond of Ms. Dupre. I think that she likes her because everyone else hates her or used to because at this point I think it's safe to say that the world has moved on and barely remembers Ashley or her scandal. Ashley has the bright (dumb) idea to crash Yigal's show (again) with shirts that say "Yigal loves Ashley". Kelly gently reminds her that that's not okay and overall a really horrible idea. On a side note, does Kelly really love Ashley? She says it a couple of times.