Monday, June 21, 2010

Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami- "Bedazzle and Bejazzle your lady parts"

Khloe is excitedly anticipating the arrival of Lamar and in preparation the sisters do a little lingerie shopping. While trying on some sexy undergarments she discovers that it's time to do a little spring cleaning in the private area. Kourtney, who considers herself to be an expert "brazilian bikini" waxer, having waxed herself for years until going the laser route, happily volunteers to wax her baby sister's vaj. These girls take TMI and their sisterly bond to a whole other level!
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Kourtney and Khloe take Miami- "They're back.."

The Kardashian's are back people and THEY'RE NEVER GOING AWAY- so get used to seeing their pretty little faces now until the end of time- lol.

Last we left Kourtney and Khloe they discussed returning to Miami to continue the growth of  their clothing store "Dash" Miami. Life has obviously changed quite a bit for the sisters- Kourtney now has a baby and Khloe now has a husband. But this money making family won't let anything stop them from world domination so baby Mason and boyfriend Scott will join the sisters and Lamar will just have to settle with seeing his new bride when he can.

Khloe is not jazzed to be leaving Mr. Odom and when she arrives Scott gets right into her shyte about leaving all of the work of  re-vamping Dash up to Kourtney. Scott shut up and get a real job! Why don't you help your baby mama with Dash since you have nothing better to do- I mean what does this guy really do for a living? He's like Tommy from "Martin" with the imaginary job! Of course when Khloe lays into him have it he all of a sudden has 6 jobs and plans to change the Miami club scene for the better- yeah right!

Kourtney takes Khloe out to cheer her up and Khloe gets wasted and has a hard time getting herself together for the photo shoot to promote the re-launch of Dash Miami. Dash is really Kourtney's bread and butter and  her baby so she's more than annoyed that Khloe is hung over and not performing up to her standard during the shoot. Khloe is a damn newlywed and really has no business leaving her husband of 5 months and who she's only known for 4 months- (I'm exaggerating)- but really!

Khloe also has her own business venture to promote in Miami- her radio show, "Khloe After Dark". When she shows up late to her own radio show and gets scolded by her manager it's the wake-up call that she needs to get her head out her ass and focus. Khloe is not a slacker and pulls it together and surprises Kourtney by getting some flyers made to promote the re-launch of the store and goes out with some of the staff to hand them out on the beach. The beach promotion works and the store is packed with people and thus puts Khloe back in Kourtney's good graces.

This first ep of the second season was a little lack-luster but I'm sure the Kardashian sisters won't disappoint and will give the viewers the drama,  the crazy and  the shenanigans that we all look forward to when following this family.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

RH of NY- Reunion pt. 1- "The first step to change is admitting that there is a problem"

Let the games, tears and drama begin! I'm so excited for the this reunion and the fact that this is a three part performance.

Let's go...

The show starts with the clip of Alex being the new and improved Alex and I LOVE IT! Jill just sits there as Alex explains how everything came to a head between she and Jill. Jill and the followers, Kelly and Luann, roll their eyes and Jill just sits there looking smug but in reality she feels like a fool. I'm all for honesty and people speaking their minds and maybe that's why the women are split- the three fake, phony, weak women on one side - the three outspoken but honest, crazy but honest, will talk about you behind your back but will also own up to dishing to your face women- on the other side. The house is divided for sure.

One theme that ran throughout this reunion was Jill being jealous judgy (not a word) Jill! When confronted with who she really is Jill can't handle the truth. Now in her defense, as human beings none of us want to be confronted with the not so perfect things about ourselves but there comes a point in every one's life where, despite the embarrassment and disappointment that we may feel for our not so perfect behavior, we take a good hard look at what EVERYBODY is saying, and make the effort to change behavior's that can be changed. I'm not a psychologist, therapist or anything of the sort but what I'm suggesting is just commonsense stuff that certainly someone in their early 50's should understand and want to embrace. Jill is that old isn't she?

Ramona was questioned about her behavior and her many unfiltered comments throughout the season. When asked about the really mean and hurtful things she said when she and Bethenny crossed the Brooklyn Bridge together, she let us know that she apologized and if there was one thing she wished she could take back, that whole altercation was it. And she also admitted that everything else that she said to and behind the backs of the women were honestly things that she meant. I wish I could say that I disagree with her but I don't.

Kelly and Luann at various times, throughout part I of the reunion, tried to explain away Jill's bad behavior but to no avail. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck- guess what? It's a duck!  Jill no amount of tears can change the public's perception of you. And more importantly, don't you want to truly be that changed person that you say you are?

Jill clearly wants to be in Bethenny's life because right now she's hot. Bethenny has the new husband, new baby, thriving career and her own show.

In a nutshell Jill's reason for having a problem with Bethenny boils down to one word - HATE!

How sad -because a true friend is happy for their friends successes and triumphs not envious or jealous.

Jill, you have a long way to go my friend.

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RH of NY (season finale)- "It's a wrap" (Late post)

Tonight is the final night of madness with the ladies of New York. We'll be tying up several loose ends and several loose friendships.

The episode starts with the friendship that is no more- Bethenny and Jill have broken up. Jill, of course, behaves like the wounded party and really believes that her evil, manipulative, self-centered and hateful behavior should just be forgiven. No Jill! That's no how life and the real world work. There's really nothing more to say on that subject.

Now let's talk about LuAnn's ridiculous singing debut. I don't know who's more of a fool LuAnn or her producer "Powder". That guy is gross and weird. LuAnn also debuts her new boyfriend Jacques. Jacques looks like a cross between Barry Manilow and Andy Garcia- ridiculous. I am glad to see that she got rid of creepy Cord.

Jill surprises Ramona  in her hotel room before her wedding - but this time she wasn't sent packing. I'm happy to say that Ramona has really grown and I can really appreciate people getting things off their chest and then moving on. Take notes Jill Zarin! Holding a grudge is stupid and has subsequently caused you more harm and made you a loose a friend.

The ceremony is what you would expect from Ramona and Mario and Jill can't help herself and makes a snarky comment about the ladies being divided with Team Bethenny on one side and Team Jill on the other side of the room. Whatever Jill- guess what- you're right.

Bethenny shares a heartfelt moment with Ramona and Alex and thanks them for their friendship. It was nice to see that the three people that seemed the most unlikely to be friends ended up being the closest.

This season ended with few surprises. We know that Bethenny is moving on to her own show- where she's the star and Jennifer will be stepping in to join the drama when the ladies return next season.

So I bid farewell to the ladies of NY. It's been a fantastic drama filled season and I expect the reunion to be equally explosive!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

RH of NY- "Surprise!!!"

Well "Crazy Kelly" left the island but not without leaving the ladies feeling pretty damaged and disturbed. The sadness and melancholy doesn't last for long because say it loud- CRAZY HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!!!!
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Basketball Wives (season finale)- "Mending Fences"

Shaunie plans a girls trip to LA sure to be filled with drama.

But before we get into the cat-fights it was nice to see a "tender" moment- lol- shared between Jennifer and Shaunie. Jennifer is still  unsure about whether or not she should stay in her marriage and wants to get Shaunie take on things.