Monday, December 13, 2010

Basketball Wives- "The Real World plays basketball"

So the wives, girlfriends and others are back for another water throwing, cussing and fighting good time. Have things and alliances changes with these classy ladies? I use the term classy very loosely. Only time will tell.
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

RHOA- "Good-by-E Dr. Tiy-E"

Ok, let's start by announcing the happy news- Kim Zolziak is preggers by her football playing, much younger boyfriend. I guess this means she won't need "Big Poppa's" stacks anymore. Whateve.

Moving on...

Phaedra finally gives birth and is forced to admit the obvious- she was 40 weeks pregnant, full term- as everyone in America suspected. But you gotta love Phaedra- if only for her "real-ness" and I can't hate on a girl that keeps it real. Have you ever watched "A Baby Story"? Well on many of those shows the woman has the baby, the nurse hands the baby to the mother with all the blood and yuck on it and the mother smiles and declares her happiness with her new bundle of covered in blood- joy. Phaedra said EXACTLY what I would've said at the first sight of her sweet baby boy covered in yuck- "oh gross". Wow- I never thought I would agree with anything coming out of Phaedra's mouth. By the way, the baby is so cute!

NeNe is trying to build on her 15 minutes and lands a job as an entertainment reporter for one of the local news stations. Let's give the girl a hand clap for capitalizing on her time in the spotlight. After all, who knows how long she and Greg will remain happily married and she should definitely have her own bank- for sure!

Finally, Dr. - and I use that title loosely- Tiy-E gets exposed for the fraud that he is. Here's how it went down- Sheree decides to have a card party and invites all the ladies and their significant others to her house for a night of fun. When NeNe comes in the door she greets everyone with hollywood kisses and hugs but things get really chilly when the balding, fake Dr. approaches her with outstretched arms. NeNe immediately recognizes him and questions their association. Tiy-E pretends like he has no idea who NeNe is but it's too late because NeNe pulls Sheree to the side and tells her that there is something fishy about her Dr. and before the evening ends she's gonna get some answers. Within minutes the rest of the party is very aware of the whispers of the fraudulent Dr. and from there he basically sits in the hot-seat and gets questioned about where he went to school, how long he went to school, is he a doctor? Blah, blah, blah. In the end we find out that Tiy-E Muhammad got his "Dr" title from a school he attended ONLINE! Whatever. You're a creepy liar and I don't even believe that your real name is Tiy-E.

So there you have it. Next week, Sheree goes in on the good doctor. Looks like somebody's gonna get there feelings hurt.

Until next week...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

RHOA- "Penis Ointment and Phaedra why are you so clueless?!?"

This episode starts with Sheree sharing her new toy, an Aston Martin, with her daughters. Apparently that gift to herself was short lived because I read last week that the car was re-possesed for non-payment of attorney's fees. SMH.

Over at Cynthia and Peters' house NeNe, Cynthia's sister and some other close friends of the couple await their arrival so that Peter can surprise Cynthia with a marriage proposal. Peter gets on bended knee and asks his lovely lady for her hand in marriage and Cynthia seemed more interested in where the ring came from than anything. I hope things work out between these two but I'm not holding my breath and I hope Peter isn't either. Kudos to NeNe for showing up and helping Peter surprise his bride to be despite the personal drama that she and Greg are experiencing. Later on when Cynthia, her sister and mom go dress shopping it was the most depressing scene of bridal dress shopping I've ever witnessed. It was like she was shopping for a dress to wear to a funeral. And why does Cynthia's sister always look so sad? Get happy people- she's getting married!!!

Kandi is in the studio working with Lawrence, who surprisingly, sounds like a completely different person when he sings. Apparently Kim has shared her discontent with Lawrence about her unfinished new song, "The ring don't mean a thing". Kandi is pissed and ready to tell Kim to move on. Really Kim?!? Three words- YOU- CAN'T- SING! The fact that Kandi is even dealing with you makes her a saint so how dare you talk shit!

Sheree is participating in "Dancing with the Stars in Atlanta" for charity. Sheree can't dance AT ALL! Enough said on that.

Now let's talk about Phaedra, who is fast becoming my reason for watching the show because she is so damn ridiculous! She's preparing for the birth of her baby while I hope acting completely clueless about the idea of that human beings can actually do such a thing. When her friend explains to her how she's supposed to care for the baby after he gets circumcised she is overwhelmed by the prospect of having to buy and put the "penis ointment" on the baby. Really Phaedra? Penis Ointment? Then she shares that her baby is gonna be good and country. That baby is gonna get his first taste of his mama's southern charm by receiving a 50 cent piece and not for his piggy bank- but for his belly button. You heard me right- instead of alcohol she's going to put some money on the baby to make sure his belly button doesn't poke out. An old wives tale that she is happy to follow-ugghhh.

Next week we can finally put to rest the "how many months is Phaedra" mystery. Gotta give it to this girl for sticking to her lie about being 6-7 months. And we finally say good riddens to the fake Dr. Tiy-E!

Until next week...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

RHOA- Pickles, Candy Yams and Sugar?

Ok- so we're going to jump right in and start with Phaedra, Apollo and pickles. I'm all for taking pregnancy pics and documenting that special time but sucking on a pickle at the same time with your ex-con husband in a seductive way looks CRAZY!!!! Just sayin.
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dancing with the Stars- "Rock Week"

Last night our stars rocked-out on the dance floor. I'm growing tired of these 2-hour shows so all I can say is thank God for the creator of the DVR!

Let's get started. More after the jump...

RHOA- "Are you Boughetto?"

This group of "Housewives" is so chock full of funny messes I don't even know where to begin.
But let's start with the facinating mess that is Phaedra.
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dancing with the Stars- "Acoustic Week"

The stars are dwindling and tonight our stars will be double scored and judged for both their technique and performance. The stage is round and raised and the audience will be closer. The highest score that can be received tonight is 60.

Let's get started...

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Dancing with the Stars- "It's story week"

Tonight our stars are going to tell a story through dance. Last week Mr. Michael "cry-baby" Bolton was deservedly sent home. Who's next?

Let's get started. More after the jump...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Dancing with the Stars- "Put on your fast dancing shoes"

So the Hoff is gone, thank God, and tonight we'll separate the real bad dancers from the really bad dancers.
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Dancing with the Stars- "Dancing with the Stars?"

So we're back for season 11 and I think it's time for a name change because most of the people on this show are NOT stars. Audrina, Mike aka "The Situation, Bristol Palin? Pullleeeezzzeee!

This a two-hour show so let's get started. More after the jump...

La-La's Full Court Press- "When we get married"

La-La Vasquez, former MTV DJ and Kim K's bestie is finally tying the knot with her long-time fiancee Carmelo Anthony. After seven years together, a five year engagement and a baby, many have wondered what has taken them so long but they are now finally going to make it official- on their own terms. More after the jump...

Fantasia for Real (Season 2)- "Starting Over"

Fantasia Barrino is back for second season. Some of her recent dramas have been heavily covered and dissected by both the blogsphere and the mainstream media. The following is an equation of what happens when certain areas of your private life become public: Antwan Cook (married man)+Fantasia+media scrutiny= I'm going to attempt to kill myself. Attempt being the operative word here because overdosing on aspirin and sleeping pills won't kill you but it will make you really sleepy and also makes for great episode of your reality tv show. Sad but true. More after the jump...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Keeping up with the Kardashians- "Get outta my house"

So the Kardashian clan is back and they are bigger, better and clearly on the come up. Kim has purchased a fabulous new home and she wants to keep the new pad clean, spotless and company free. Entertaining is not a priority for her because she would rather not have people dirty her new white carpet or spill red wine on her new pillows. Kris has other ideas for her daughters new place and throws a huge housewarming party where Kim spends the entire night obsessing over the mess that her guests create in her new pristine pad. Bruce encourages her to enjoy herself and get the cleaning crew to come over in the morning and clean the mess. More after the jump...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bad Girls Club Miami- "For real- LEAVE!"

Morgan gets gone and the house breaks into the usual "Bad Girl" chaos. Screaming, yelling and overall "crazy" breaks out. Morgan actually stood a chance until she decides to do something really unnecessary and stupid. She goes into the production room, that's in the house, and decides to start breaking equipment and that's when she gets handled and told to leave.
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bad Girls Miami- "I know it's our first day here but Imma whip your (bleep)..."

A new group of Bad Girls is back and this time they're wreaking havoc all over Miami. Our new group of crazies are Morgan from Florida, Lea from Florida, Danielle from NY, Catya from Philadelphia, Brandi from Cali and Erica from Cali.

I immediately see problems brewing with Morgan. She exclaims immediately and very loudly, that she is the prettiest one in the house and that the others are just not up to her standards. She gets on the phone with friends and complains about not wanting to be in the house and hating the girls that she just met 5 minutes ago. Morgan, stop being ridiculous and why are you here?!! This obviously doesn't sit well with the other girls and she instantly becomes the most hated one in the house.
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Rachel Zoe Project- "Tay it isn't so!"

Fashion stylist to the stars, Rachel Zoe, is back for another season of red-carpet catastrophe's and drama filled breakdowns. The gang is all here minus the person that was once her backbone, right-hand woman and blessed jewel (the last description came straight from Rachel). More after the jump...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Kourtney & Khloe take Miami- "He'll never change"

Scott is still on the trifling train and it's reached epic proportions tonight. When Kim and Kourtney come home with Mason after hanging out with a friend, they walk into a condo that smells of weed and beer. When Kourtney tries to wake him from his drunken stupor to ask him what went on while they were out, he grabs her, she slaps him and then he goes into the bathroom and punches a mirror. Kim, Kourtney and baby Mason immediately leave the apartment and go back to the safety of a friends place.
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Khloe & Kourtney take Miami- "Scott on the Rocks"

This week we have another episode without our favorite Kardashian sister- Khloe. I guess she's still at home in LA with hubby Lamar. Alas, we're stuck again with sister Kimmy as sloppy seconds- lol! And on a side note Kim is looking more and more like her Madame Tussaud wax figure. She has definitely had way too much plastic surgery and it looks horrible- just sayin. Sorry Kimmy!
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Khloe and Kourtney take Miami- "Weighty Issues"

In this episode, with my favorite Kardashian sister's, Khloe comes back from her visit with hubby Lamar with a renewed attitude and ready to commit to Dash and Miami.

Meanwhile Kourtney is feverishly working out to get bikini ready for "Life and Style" magazines after baby bikini cover shoot. She's put a huge amount of pressure on herself with the intentions of not having the cover photo shopped to give "real" pregnant women hope of being able to loose baby weight realistically. Khloe steps up to the plate and takes charge of the store and her nephew Mason.
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami- "Bedazzle and Bejazzle your lady parts"

Khloe is excitedly anticipating the arrival of Lamar and in preparation the sisters do a little lingerie shopping. While trying on some sexy undergarments she discovers that it's time to do a little spring cleaning in the private area. Kourtney, who considers herself to be an expert "brazilian bikini" waxer, having waxed herself for years until going the laser route, happily volunteers to wax her baby sister's vaj. These girls take TMI and their sisterly bond to a whole other level!
More after the jump...

Kourtney and Khloe take Miami- "They're back.."

The Kardashian's are back people and THEY'RE NEVER GOING AWAY- so get used to seeing their pretty little faces now until the end of time- lol.

Last we left Kourtney and Khloe they discussed returning to Miami to continue the growth of  their clothing store "Dash" Miami. Life has obviously changed quite a bit for the sisters- Kourtney now has a baby and Khloe now has a husband. But this money making family won't let anything stop them from world domination so baby Mason and boyfriend Scott will join the sisters and Lamar will just have to settle with seeing his new bride when he can.

Khloe is not jazzed to be leaving Mr. Odom and when she arrives Scott gets right into her shyte about leaving all of the work of  re-vamping Dash up to Kourtney. Scott shut up and get a real job! Why don't you help your baby mama with Dash since you have nothing better to do- I mean what does this guy really do for a living? He's like Tommy from "Martin" with the imaginary job! Of course when Khloe lays into him have it he all of a sudden has 6 jobs and plans to change the Miami club scene for the better- yeah right!

Kourtney takes Khloe out to cheer her up and Khloe gets wasted and has a hard time getting herself together for the photo shoot to promote the re-launch of Dash Miami. Dash is really Kourtney's bread and butter and  her baby so she's more than annoyed that Khloe is hung over and not performing up to her standard during the shoot. Khloe is a damn newlywed and really has no business leaving her husband of 5 months and who she's only known for 4 months- (I'm exaggerating)- but really!

Khloe also has her own business venture to promote in Miami- her radio show, "Khloe After Dark". When she shows up late to her own radio show and gets scolded by her manager it's the wake-up call that she needs to get her head out her ass and focus. Khloe is not a slacker and pulls it together and surprises Kourtney by getting some flyers made to promote the re-launch of the store and goes out with some of the staff to hand them out on the beach. The beach promotion works and the store is packed with people and thus puts Khloe back in Kourtney's good graces.

This first ep of the second season was a little lack-luster but I'm sure the Kardashian sisters won't disappoint and will give the viewers the drama,  the crazy and  the shenanigans that we all look forward to when following this family.

Until next week...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

RH of NY- Reunion pt. 1- "The first step to change is admitting that there is a problem"

Let the games, tears and drama begin! I'm so excited for the this reunion and the fact that this is a three part performance.

Let's go...

The show starts with the clip of Alex being the new and improved Alex and I LOVE IT! Jill just sits there as Alex explains how everything came to a head between she and Jill. Jill and the followers, Kelly and Luann, roll their eyes and Jill just sits there looking smug but in reality she feels like a fool. I'm all for honesty and people speaking their minds and maybe that's why the women are split- the three fake, phony, weak women on one side - the three outspoken but honest, crazy but honest, will talk about you behind your back but will also own up to dishing to your face women- on the other side. The house is divided for sure.

One theme that ran throughout this reunion was Jill being jealous judgy (not a word) Jill! When confronted with who she really is Jill can't handle the truth. Now in her defense, as human beings none of us want to be confronted with the not so perfect things about ourselves but there comes a point in every one's life where, despite the embarrassment and disappointment that we may feel for our not so perfect behavior, we take a good hard look at what EVERYBODY is saying, and make the effort to change behavior's that can be changed. I'm not a psychologist, therapist or anything of the sort but what I'm suggesting is just commonsense stuff that certainly someone in their early 50's should understand and want to embrace. Jill is that old isn't she?

Ramona was questioned about her behavior and her many unfiltered comments throughout the season. When asked about the really mean and hurtful things she said when she and Bethenny crossed the Brooklyn Bridge together, she let us know that she apologized and if there was one thing she wished she could take back, that whole altercation was it. And she also admitted that everything else that she said to and behind the backs of the women were honestly things that she meant. I wish I could say that I disagree with her but I don't.

Kelly and Luann at various times, throughout part I of the reunion, tried to explain away Jill's bad behavior but to no avail. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck- guess what? It's a duck!  Jill no amount of tears can change the public's perception of you. And more importantly, don't you want to truly be that changed person that you say you are?

Jill clearly wants to be in Bethenny's life because right now she's hot. Bethenny has the new husband, new baby, thriving career and her own show.

In a nutshell Jill's reason for having a problem with Bethenny boils down to one word - HATE!

How sad -because a true friend is happy for their friends successes and triumphs not envious or jealous.

Jill, you have a long way to go my friend.

Until next week...

RH of NY (season finale)- "It's a wrap" (Late post)

Tonight is the final night of madness with the ladies of New York. We'll be tying up several loose ends and several loose friendships.

The episode starts with the friendship that is no more- Bethenny and Jill have broken up. Jill, of course, behaves like the wounded party and really believes that her evil, manipulative, self-centered and hateful behavior should just be forgiven. No Jill! That's no how life and the real world work. There's really nothing more to say on that subject.

Now let's talk about LuAnn's ridiculous singing debut. I don't know who's more of a fool LuAnn or her producer "Powder". That guy is gross and weird. LuAnn also debuts her new boyfriend Jacques. Jacques looks like a cross between Barry Manilow and Andy Garcia- ridiculous. I am glad to see that she got rid of creepy Cord.

Jill surprises Ramona  in her hotel room before her wedding - but this time she wasn't sent packing. I'm happy to say that Ramona has really grown and I can really appreciate people getting things off their chest and then moving on. Take notes Jill Zarin! Holding a grudge is stupid and has subsequently caused you more harm and made you a loose a friend.

The ceremony is what you would expect from Ramona and Mario and Jill can't help herself and makes a snarky comment about the ladies being divided with Team Bethenny on one side and Team Jill on the other side of the room. Whatever Jill- guess what- you're right.

Bethenny shares a heartfelt moment with Ramona and Alex and thanks them for their friendship. It was nice to see that the three people that seemed the most unlikely to be friends ended up being the closest.

This season ended with few surprises. We know that Bethenny is moving on to her own show- where she's the star and Jennifer will be stepping in to join the drama when the ladies return next season.

So I bid farewell to the ladies of NY. It's been a fantastic drama filled season and I expect the reunion to be equally explosive!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

RH of NY- "Surprise!!!"

Well "Crazy Kelly" left the island but not without leaving the ladies feeling pretty damaged and disturbed. The sadness and melancholy doesn't last for long because say it loud- CRAZY HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!!!!
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Basketball Wives (season finale)- "Mending Fences"

Shaunie plans a girls trip to LA sure to be filled with drama.

But before we get into the cat-fights it was nice to see a "tender" moment- lol- shared between Jennifer and Shaunie. Jennifer is still  unsure about whether or not she should stay in her marriage and wants to get Shaunie take on things. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dancing w/Stars- American Idol finale (Double Post)

It's finale time and these two shows couldn't end soon enough. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed them but it seems like we've been watching both of these shows FOREVER!

Well by now you all know that Derek and Nicole won the coveted mirrored ball - no surprises there. Nicole deserved it but next season

Tonight we will find out who will go home the next American Idol. Lee and Crystal are both great singers but if we're judging solely on last night performances Crystal should leave tonight victorious. More after the jump...

Friday, May 21, 2010

RH of NY- "When Crazy met Kelly"

"Why do I always get stuck with her?". Sorry Sonja!
The second half of Ramona's girls getaway was spectacular but some people can't just go to an island for free and chill out- they have to keep stirring the pot and starting ish. And thus begins the story of Crazy aka Kelly.

Let's just put this out there Kelly is f-in bat-shit crazy!!!! She is so lucky that Bethenny is pregnant otherwise she would've laid that sick beyotche out. What the hell is wrong with this woman. She immediately goes in on Bethenny during breakfast and says that she's a "cook" and not a "chef". Well okay, even if she is just a "cook" why do you care enough to tell her that? It's the stereotypical - I'm an insecure crazy woman so to build myself up I'm going to try to make you feel small in front of everybody. Basically, my name is Kelly and I'm pathetic.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

American Idol- Final 3- "It's the Lee show"

So we're down to our final three contestants and the group that's left totally deserves to be here. The contestants will perform two songs, one that they choose and the second song that the judges choose for them. So let's get started.

Casey is the first to perform and the first song her performs is underwhelming for the judges. He sang well but it definitely wasn't a wow moment and right now is the time to have that moment.

Crystal sings "Come to my Window". I really like this song and I really like Crystal but this might be the first night that I really didn't like a Crystal performance. Ellen liked it. Kara said it was okay. Simon agreed with all the judges but he appreciated the fact that Crystal hasn't changed who she is at all during this competition. I agree.

Lee is up next with "Simple Man". It was good and he performed like a pro. The judges loved it and Simon said the first round goes to Lee.
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RH of NJ- "Caught in the middle"

It's really sad when a grown woman constantly looks to her 11 year-old child for advice and even sadder when the child gives you sound advice. Danielle, Jacqueline sent the flowers to your daughter as a kind gesture- period! Stop being a fool and again get new friends. But of course you can't do that because if you did you wouldn't be on the show anymore. There's your pass Danielle. But please stop the shenanigans!

RH of NY- "Next time keep your crazy ass at home"

This is an episode that has so much crazy in it I don't even know where to begin but I'll start with the Luann's lunacy.

Who is this fool that really thinks that Countless can sing?!? Stop it!!!!! This guy is a complete idiot and he looks like a cross between a chicken and the guy from the movie "Powder"- YUCK!!! "Money can't buy you class, elegance is learned- my friends"- what the hell are those ridiculous lyrics? Ugghhh- I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't!!!!
More after the jump...

RH of NJ- "My daughter is prettier than your daughter"

So the  Jersey girls are still "Anti-Danielle". Teresa, Jacqueline and Caroline go to lunch and just when you thought this was going to have a leisurely lunch Teresa brings up Danielle. Jacqueline just wants peace and Caroline just won't let up because you must remember "there family is thick (pronounced like tick) as thieves".

Monday, May 17, 2010

Basketball Wives- "Cougar's don't throw-up"

Tonight we finally meet Gloria's sister- aka Gilbert Arena's fiancee aka one of Shaq's mistresses. Gloria looks up to her sister so there's no chance that she'll ever form any real friendships with the girls. Unfortunately, the real scoop of what happened between her sister and Shaq remain a mystery because that wasn't discussed.

Brandy & Ray J - A family business

Brandy and Sonya are working on their relationship not only as mother and daughter but as friends. Brandy
is really serious about getting her career back on track and this rapping thing- which is really funny to me.

Ray J is also ready to get in the studio with Rodney Jerkins, he has a cologne deal coming up and he's just ready to "take things to the next level"- his words. Ray's career is really taking off where Brandy's has been on hold and she's starting from square one again. It's sibling rivalry at it's best or worst. They're sharing a manager, Ryan, who is focusing on the money making machine- Ray J. Brandy, of course feels left out, and gets so emotional! Brandy- get another manager- period.
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

American Idol- Results show and Fantasia, BonJovi and Daughtry!

So tonight we'll loose another one of our Idol hopefuls and we'll be down to three. But before we get to that we have some performances.

Fantasia performs and sounds great! I really like this new song and she's giving us a very reserved Fanny. There's no sweating, screaming, kicking off shoes or bouncing around on the stage. Someone must have told her to change it up a bit. I'm glad to see she's embraced her re-invention. Now time for the bad stuff -her hair looks like a hat and her legs look like sausages in those leggings - but I like Tay-tay so I'm gonna give her a pass tonight. 
More after the jump...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dancing with the Stars- Results show

In a nutshell- Niecy is gone...

See ya next week...

American Idol- Top 4 and Jaime Foxx, Movie night and Duets

So we're down to the Final 4 and I think we're in for some fun tonight because Jamie Foxx is helping coach the idol hopefuls with movie theme night. No matter how serious Jaime tries to be I have a hard time taking him seriously.

Let's get started...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dancing with the Stars- Final 5- Race to the Semi-finals

We're down to the final 5 and things are getting really serious. The pressure is on as the teams have to learn two dances and it's anyone's game.

Let's get started...

First round is the Ballroom round.

Chad and Cheryl are up first. Chad is serious about winning this thing. I thought it was great. The judges felt like Chad needs to work a liitle harder and the scores for the first dance weren't so great.
More after the jump...

What Chilli Wants- "A little therapy never hurt nobody"

Chilli is turning out to be a really difficult client for Tionna. After last weeks argument between the "matchmaker" and "matchmakee" Chilli is open to evaluating why she doesn't have a man. Dating is put on hold until Chilli works on Chilli and a therapy session is in order.

I don't think that's a bad idea at all.
More after the jump..

Basketball Wives- "The Back stabbers, back stabbers"

This week the cat fight isn't with "the groupies". It's with one of the wives.

Jennifer is still struggling with her hideous husband's infidelity and Suzie and Evelyn suggest that what's good for the goose is good for the gander and that Jennifer should go out and get her own- rhymes with stick on the side. I think Jennifer really wants to work things out with Eric but feels a little pressured by her friends to move on. Jennifer, don't let your friends influence your decision. If you want to stand by your man despite his infidelities and despite the fact that it's stupid- it's your decision- own it!  More after the jump...

Friday, May 7, 2010

RH of New York- "The fallout and when did this become the Jill show"?

Let's say this altogether now- "Team Alex"! I never thought in a million years that Alex would be my favorite housewife and now that I see her for who she really is- I'm not sure why I never respected her for her "truth" long ago. I love it! She had a beef with Jill and held onto it so long, but thanks to Jill and Bethenny's BS, she was able to get load of crap off her chest while making the "Queen of Mean" look like an idiot.

Good for you Alex!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

American Idol-" Results show and Lady Gaga performs"

This is going to be a short post.

Last night the Idol's sang the tunes of Sinatra and things turned out exceptionally well. I'm not sure who's going home tonight but I would bet Casey, based on performance. But we all know that the American Idol voters are fickle and vote for people because "he's cute" or "she has pretty hair". Let's not forget "Smiling Tim". He lasted as long as he did because a bunch of 15 year-old girls thought he was cute with great hair- ugghhh.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

American Idol- "Final 5 sing the tunes of Sinatra and Harry Connick Jr mentors"

Why American Idol continues to do shows like tonight's songs of Sinatra is beyond me. I realize that Harry Connick Jr. is like a modern day Sinatra but if an artist doesn't sing the genre of songs that the winner will likely record then they can't be on the show. This is Harry Connick Jr.'s time to showcase himself- period.  Nobody is going to record an album that sounds like Sinatra. My prediction for tonight's show is going to be a big fail!

Aaron is up first and sings "Fly me to the Moon". It was actually pretty good. I'm gonna go easy on everybody tonight given the material. Randy liked it. Ellen said the vocals were beautiful. Kara said it wasn't as strong as last week. Kara- shut up! Nobody is Frank Sinatra so give the guy a break- she's annoying. Simon said it didn't have conviction. Simon you shut up too!

Casey sings "Blue Skies".  His voice is beautiful but no swagger but again I don't expect anybody to get up there and act like Frank Sinatra. Randy said it was his worst performance. Ellen didn't like it. Kara talked about - who knows. Simon said he wasn't fantastic and it was awkward. Well no duh! I'm so annoyed by this night- uggghhhh.

Crystal sings "Summer Wind".  Crystal can do no wrong. Beautiful! Randy said it was sleepy- whatever. Ellen was impressed. Kara liked it. Simon was sure about the song choice. I thought it was good.
The judges are expecting too much tonight.

Mike sings "The way you look tonight". Last week I think Randy said Mike sounded like the great Luther Vandross and tonight I really heard that in his voice. Beautiful. Randy loved it! Ellen really liked it. Kara said she was taken on a journey? She liked it. Simon loved it and said he put himself back in the game- well done! Mike may end up winning this whole thing! Mike just remember to control the cocky and America will stand by you.

Lee sings "That's life". I liked it. Randy loved it. Ellen loved it. Kara liked it. Simon said it was the best performance of the night.

(Final five- minus Siobhan)

See ya tomorrow for the results show...
And say goodbye to Casey- I think he's sung his last song :(

Dancing with the stars (Double post)- "We're down to 6"

So we're down to our final six couples. Things are getting really serious now. There was an individual dance and team dance. I'm gonna nix the individual scores and judges comments in this post and the following posts going forward for this show. Who will go home tonight?

Let's get started...

Erin and Maks danced the quickstep. It was okay. The judges liked it and they got some of their highest scores ever.

Cheryl and Chad danced the Viennese Waltz. Chad looked ridiculous with the white outfit but his dancing is improving. The judges loved it and said that that dance made him a contender.

Nicole and Derek danced the Waltz. Very nice.  The judges gave them high praise and high scores. Great job.

Pamela and Damian danced the Waltz. Pam took the sexy down a bit and the judges liked it.

Niecy and Louis danced the Quick Step. I really liked it and think it was Niecy's best dance yet. The judges agree with me.

Evan and Anna dance the Tango. Evan is the best dancer of this season- even better than Nicole and I think it's his ice-skating background that has put him over the top. Standing O from the audience and the judges loved it. The first perfect score of the season.

The group dance was outstanding from both teams. The scores are close and really it's going to be up to who America likes and dislikes.

And Pam and Damian have danced their last dance. Good and Bye!

See ya next week.