Thursday, April 29, 2010

LisaRaye "The Real McCoy" ep 3- "The visit"

LisaRaye is preparing to visit her sister, rapper Da'Brat. Brat's in jail for knocking a girl over the head with a bottle in an Atlanta club. For the assault, she got 3 years in the pen.

While in Atlanta, LisaRaye is going to hook up with her friend who owns a pole-dancing studio. She's going to host a pole-dancing contest where the contestants are not professionals but everyday women. Remember LisaRaye is "Diamond" and "Diamond" is LisaRaye. She's proud of that so who am I to judge? Hmmmm.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

American Idol Results show- "Lady Antebellum and Rascal Flatts perform"

Short post alert...

So last night was a great night overall for our final 6. I have no idea who America will choose to send home in a crumpled mess of tears. So let's not avoid the inevitable any longer...

Ryan sets the 6 in three groups of 2. Here there are:




Bottom 3-
Mike, Casey, Siobhan. My guess is that Mike will be going home tonight. He's been in the bottom 3 approximately 3 times and was saved one time by the judges. I thought he did a great job last night. If Mike is sent packing I think America got it wrong. Siobhan is my pick to leave tonight. I've had enough of her.

I was happily wrong. Mike is safe. I hope it's Siobhan but I have a feeling it's Casey.

Bye, bye Siobhan

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

American Idol Top 6- "Sing songs of Shania"

It's coming down to the wire and the top 6 will not only be mentored by Shania Twain but they will also sing her songs. Let's go...

Dancing with the Stars- Results show and Melissa Etheridge performs

This is going to be a short and to the point post. It's the results show.

Last nights show was full of great dancing from our couples so it will be interesting to see who goes home tonight.

My guess is that Pam and Niecy will be in the bottom two.

So I was wrong about Pam. The bottom two are Niecy and Jake.

And Jake and Chelsie are putting up their dancing shoes.

Jake stop crying- you'll dance again but not on this show.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Dancing with the Stars- "And then there were 7- Kate is back with her 8!"

Ok- so now that Kate is gone who the heck am I gonna hate - lol!

This week is a special week with each couple doing two dances- Samba or Argentine Tango and the Swing Dance marathon which will be full of lifts and fun stuff. The last couple standing will get 10 points.

Jake and Chelsie are up first and do the Samba. Chelsie looks very Beyonce with her moves. Jake almost falls at one point- not sure why- maybe nerves. Len says there was no rhythm but it was better. Bruno said it didn't have enough wiggle. Carrie-Ann said Jake gets ahead of himself at times.
7,7,7 - 21

Jerseylicious- "The test"

Yeah- I haven't blogged this show in a minute but I'm giving it another chance for a special reason- which you'll find out later in the post. Here we go- Tracy returns from NY inspired to be the next big thing in the world of hair. Meanwhile, Alexa has granted Olivia's life-long dream of doing a "glammy wedding" - lol! Her hopes of becoming a Glam Fairy are closer than she thinks.

Kimora Life in the Fab lane- ep 6- "Something's gotta give"

Kimora is feeling more overwhelmed than usual now that she's added the bi-coastal living element to her list of things going on in her life. She goes to a meeting in NY with HMI, an school/organization that works with gay, lesbian and transgender teens. Kimora supports this organization because she can relate to being different. When she was younger she was teased a lot so this organization has a special place in her heart. She's also going to be hosting a fundraiser/reward show for the school.

What Chili wants- ep 3- "You blew it!"

I almost don't care about what Chili wants- but I'm gonna remain patient with this chick and we'll see what happens. Chili has a 2nd date with Christian and this time it's lunch at Chili's house and Missy Elliot, Chili's close friend, comes over to grill the guy. Lunch goes well but there won't be a 3rd date. Christian is a good "friend"  but what Chili really wants is "Pretty Boy Floyd".

Meanwhile, Chili and T-boz are preparing for their first major concert since the passing of Left-eye. The concert is in Vegas and so is Floyd and Tionna decides it's time for Chili and Floyd to figure out what the real deal is between them.

Basketball Wives ep 3- "Don't make me over"

Jenn and Evelyn take a road trip to Orlando to visit Gloria - the sister of the chick that's hooked up Shaquille-and her husband Matt for dinner. They don't really want to go but they're trying to be nice to this girl because Shaunie asked them too. Dinner starts out good and then Tiger Woods gets brought into the conversation and Matt doesn't want to have the discussion. Jenn and Evelyn can't get out of  "all atheletes cheat and all men are dogs" mode so the rest of dinner is a bit uncomfortable- to say the least.

Brandy and Ray-J- A Family Business ep 4- "It's business not personal"

Sonja calls a family meeting to talk about the a reception that they're gonna have to open the new office space and also to discuss Brandy and Ray's individual projects. Ray-J mentions that producer Rodney Jerkins is going to produce his new album and Brandy is not pleased. She blames him for the failure of her most recent album- which is ridiculous to me. Ray-J also thinks that Brandy is being over the top with it and he doesn't understand what's going on. Brandy and Rodney have made multi-platinum albums together so there's definitely a personal issue there. Did Brandy like Rodney Jerkins at one time? Did they date before?

Brandy goes on a hike and vents with her bff Shea. Shea wants to be a manager so Brandy sets up a meeting between Shea and her mom. After talking with Shea, Brandy decides that she wants to talk to Rodney to get things out in the open.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Real Housewives of New York- ep 7- "Now you wanna be my friend?"

The episode starts with Jill's "bitch" Ginger taking a much needed poop all over her owner! Ginger is the dog people- lol!

Bethanny and Alex get together for lunch at Alex's place. They've become quite good friends because Alex is low-maintence and has no conditions on her friendship with Bethanny. Bethanny tells Alex that Jason popped the question and Alex is genuinely happy for her. Alex is the first person that she's told and that says a lot about their friendship.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tiny and Toya- ep 2- "

This weeks episode starts with Toya having family time with her mother Nita and brother Walter. The normalcy and routine of something as simple as her mother making breakfast  for the family makes her happy. Toya has also come to an understanding with her brother Walter and he's opened up and their relationship seems to be on the right track.

Next stop is Tiny's house where she has happily given Toya the ok to have Walter come over and record a song called "Moonwalk". Walter is a lot like Fantasia's brother- everybody wants to be a rapper or singer (side-eye). Tiny thinks of Toya as a little sis and wants to do whatever she can to help her - they're family.

Walter records the song and it's actually not bad- at least the little chorus that he rapped. Tiny thinks the track is a hit and is really happy to see Toya so settled and just content with her family and helping her brother achieve his dreams. Everybody is dancing  or "moonwalking" to the song. And no - it's not Michael Jackson's moonwalk- something completely different.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

American Idol- Results show and Idol Gives Back with an all-star cast.

Tonight's show was special for many reasons. President Obama and First Lady Michelle opened the show with a message about "Idol Gives Back" and Queen Latifah hosted live from LA. Tonight's show is about giving back to help children all around the globe.

If Ryan ever gives this gig up or scoffs over money, as if, Queen Latifah would be a great replacement!

Our final seven look angelic- literally- in all white.

Let's cut to the chase and find out who's going home tonight...

Mike looks like the Michelin Tire guy with all that white.

Here are our bottom three:
Casey, Aaron and Tim. I think these three are exactly where they belong.

And smiling Tim Urban is finally going home! Hallelujah!  America is in sync with me this week.
First non-dancing Kate Gosseling gets the boot from "DWTS" and now non-singing but always freakin smiling- Tim Urban is going home.

I'm pleased.

See ya next week.

Tim say goodbye and stop smiling!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

American Idol- Final 7 take a little inspiration from Alicia Keys

Tonight our Idol 7 gets mentored by Alicia Keys and will sing songs of inspiration. I really hope that I don't hear "I believe I can fly". The competition is coming down to the wire and only the strong will survive. I have no idea what songs will be sung tonight but I do know that song choice will be especially important. Let's hope for the best and plan for the worst.

Casey sings "Don't Stop" by Fleetwood Mac. It was the usual Casey performance. He's so stiff it's funny. I think he's singing an octave too high for his range maybe? Randy felt like it was the same thing. Ellen said it was good but not great. Kara (get to the point) said he wasn't different. Simon said the song wasn't inspiring and there was no emotion or originality.
Uh-oh Casey.

Lee sings "The Boxer" by Simon and Garfunkle. I love Lee but I hated this performance and the song. Randy liked it. Ellen said it was a beautiful song choice- best performance. Kara said he had his moment tonight. Simon said that even though we're two in it was the best of the night. He's not a fan of the song but said it was Brilliant. Kudos Lee.
I guess I just don't know the song.

Tim sings "Better Days" by Goo-Goo Dolls. I can't stand smiling Tim and I didn't like it. Randy said it was okay Karoke. Ellen didn't like the soup. Kara- blah, blah- it wasn't his best performance. Simon said if it was the first time that we saw him it may have been believable but it was a let down.

Aaron freaking sings "I believe I can fly" by R. Kelly. This is what I was afraid of and I can't believe that someone actually sang this song. It was really bad and I think Aaron is going to be in trouble this week. Randy said he did  a good job with a giant song. Ellen liked it. Kara loved it? Simon said it wasn't good.

Siobhan sings "Believe". She looks like she belongs in a garden. I liked it. Randy said it was okay. Ellen liked it. Kara said it was very dramatic and she doesn't know who she is. Simon said that the song arrangement was wrong and odd.

Tonight is not a good night.

Mike sings "Hero". Why does he perse his lips like that? It was okay. Randy said it worked out. Ellen said great job. Kara didn't like it. Simon said he sang it well but it wasn't inspirational.

Crystal sings "People get ready". This girl gives me chills. Randy gave her a standing O. Ellen said it was so beautiful. Kara liked it. And I'm gonna assume that Simon liked it but my DVR cut-off at the end.

Go Crystal!

So my pick for the bottom three- Siobhan, Casey and Tim/Aaron.

Find out who's going home tomorrow.

Dancing with the Stars- Results show and Maxwell performs!

Short post alert people! We know who deserves to go home but sometimes dreams and wishes don't come true. Kate needs to go home. Will last nights dance be her last?

Happily Kate and Tony are in the bottom two and the smile is wiped right off the her face- HAAAA! Tony actually looks a bit relieved and hopeful that tonight he will be put out of his misery. I'm not going to celebrate yet though because as we know with America voting nobody is safe. Kate is a fool if she actually believes in her heart of hearts that it's a surprise that she's in the bottom. You STINK Kate! Do you hear me!?!

Chelsie and Jake perform and Chelsie's boob almost pops out. Pamela Anderson looks easily- one thousand years old people. OOOOLLLLDDDD!

So I'm glad Pam is in the bottom 2 with Kate. Both of these women make me sick but Kate needs to go!

Wooooohooooooo!!!!! Bye Kate- good riddance!!!!!

So there you have it- The mother of eight is done!

Bye Kate. Throw away your dancing shoes!

Until next week...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dancing with the Stars- "Movie Night"

Tonight the stars will dance to their favorite movies- it's movie night! And a little birdie tells me that one of our favorite, flirty dancing stars is about to get his own reality dating show. That's right Chad "Ochocinco" is going to get the chance to find the woman of his dreams by dating a series of women across the USA. That's all I know right now but will share more info as I get it.

Now on to the show...

Niecy and Louis dance the Jive to "La Bamba". Niecy has lost a few pounds and looks great. The Jive is a very fast dance and she kinda missteps throughout the dance. Let's see what the judges think. Len thought Niecy had a lot of personality- well done. Bruno said there was a lot of jiggling. Carrie-Ann liked it. Niecy is hysterical - so big girls and little girls vote for her!
6,6,6- 18.

Kimora Life in the Fab Lane- ep 5- "Ain't no mountain high enough"

Now that Fashion Week is over it's time to work on the spring ad campaign and this year it's different because Kimora is going to be working from LA- her staff is none too thrilled. Kimora also has to be picture ready for the ad campaign and this means she has to loose the baby weight. She loves food so it's going to be tough.

Back in NY, the team is working on the concept for the ad campaign and they only have 2 weeks until the shoot. To go with the Moroccan theme, the ad agency thinks shooting in the desert would be the way to go. Her team is not too sure that she'll go for it because climbing rocks is not Kimora's thing.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What Chilli Wants- ep 2- "She's judging the book by its cover"

Chilli and Tionna go to Turner Field where she's going to throw out the first pitch for a Braves baseball game. She's excited until Tionna tells her that they're going to announce her search for love is at the game. It's a brilliant idea because men go to sporting events. Tons of guys come up to get grilled by Tionna before they get through to Chilli. Things aren't going to well until "Dolevette" walks in. Dolevette is really handsome and had the 6-8 pack that's on Chilli's list. Chilli didn't like him but she really needs to compromise.

The next day Tionna and Chilli talk about why Chilli automatically X'd this guy out without so much as a first date. She concedes and says that she will go out with him.

Meanwhile, Floyd calls Chilli to take her out on a roller-skating date. Floyd comes out with his own custom Prada skates. They have a good time like they always do. They clearly like each other so they need to just give it a try and stop playing.

Chilli and Dolevette go out and she's turned off by the fact that he doesn't talk to his son who lives in another state "everyday". She starting to annoy me with her standards. She just doesn't like the guy. They go to some sort of obstacle course and she didn't like that he was pushing her to do this tightrope thing and then he got familiar and referred to her son as "T" and then tried to hold her hand. She thought he was egotistical and called Tionna and said that she got her one date and that's it. No more guys with egos! Chilli ALL men have egos- so good luck with that. What the hell do you think Floyd Mayweather has? The biggest ego! Ugghhhh.

Tionna meets with Dolevette to discuss his take on the date and he says that Chilli was guarded and defensive. I kinda agree- sorry Chilli.

Chili has a  get together with her friends and invites Tionna to join the girls. Chilli invites a stripper- who tosses Tionna around- and Chilli says that the stripper is her type. The girls confront Chili about her and Floyd and she admits that she can see herself with Floyd. So why are we here Chili?

Will Floyd and Chili take there relationship to the next level or will she keep her options open?

Until next week...

Basketball Wives- ep 2- "Party and Dance the night away"

The Basketball Wives are back and tonight Evelyn, Antonine Walker's ex, is celebrating her 34th birthday. She goes with her party planner to look at different venues for the party. She's ready to celebrate her special day and independence as a newly single woman! They go over the list and she has reservations about inviting Royce. She doesn't want any bootie shaking antics.

The next day Jennifer and Evelyn go to look for an outfit for her birthday. She's looking for her "freak-em" dress. Jennifer asks about the list and she says that if Royce gets out of line she'll handle it. No "twerking" the lady parts Royce! Keep it clean and classy- lol!

Jennifer goes to dinner with husband, b-ball player, Eric Williams. They're going through they're own relationship drama. Eric basically explains his infidelity with some ridiculous excuse. She's tired of the bs and he's a typical cheater- heard it all before!

Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business- ep 2

The Norwood's are back and tonight we'll see what Brandy and her lace-fronts, and Ray-J with his zig-zag part, have in store for us. The two siblings hit a local radio station to promote their upcoming projects. I wonder if and when Brandy is going to address "the accident"? Anyway, they keep things light and talk about dating and of course they bring up Brandy and Flo-Rida and Ray-J and his dating show which he doesn't want to talk about. Ray-J who are you kidding? "For the love of Ray-J" and that sex tape with Kim K put you on the map so stop it!

After the radio show they go to lunch and discuss the fact that if Brandy goes to the Grammy's with Flo-rida her relationship will be out there for the world to scrutinize. Ray-J doesn't want to talk about his relationship with the most recent winner of his dating show, "Mz Berry", who he of course isn't ready to settle down with- duh!

On a completely different subject- has anyone seen the trailer for the new movie with Common and Queen Latifah- "Just Wright"? Common is looking "Right"!

Anyway- I digress. Flo-rida calls Brandy and tells her that the Grammy date is off. He's concerned about how appearing together on the red-carpet may affect their relationship. She understands but it makes her feel rejected because she got all excited to go. She discusses it with her mom and is really pissed even though it was the right decision on his part. Brandy's mom didn't want her to go either- from a mom-agers stand point.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

LisaRaye The Real McCoy- ep2- "Ride 'em cowgirl"

Quincy sits with LisaRaye and updates her on appointments that she has as she continues her quest to return to the spotlight. She starts by sharpening her hosting skills with a hosting coach. She goes into the class already feeling like she didn't need the extra training because she's basically been there done that. Markie, the teacher of the class doesn't help the situation because she's loud and obnoxious- but she actually knows her stuff. LisaRaye leaves the class happy that she's learned something.

Then it's off to the races. She's preparing for the black rodeo and her good friend Jamie Foxx is at the horse stable  to support her as she practices. They met on the set of "Player's Club". She's an experienced rider but has never raced horses in a rodeo before.

Next up is a meeting with director Billie Woodruff about staring as a leading lady in his next film. Her goal is to take Hollywood by storm and make it back on top. I didn't know she ever really made it to the top- but you know what -if you don't think that you're the "shiz-nit" who will? She has no problem bigging herself up. Good for you LisaRaye.

The Real Housewives of New York- ep 6- "All haters please stand-up"

The episode starts with the introduction of the newest housewife - Sonja Morgan. She's a close friend of LuAnn's and a divorced single mother of one. She loves men and in her own words "goes well with men". Sex, yoga, good food and animals all go together in her book. I can see why her and "Countless" are friends. LuAnn talks to her about the event that she's planning to have and gets a bunch of her old clothes to donate to charity. LuAnn is such a phony baloney Beyotche!

Jill gives Bobby the letter that Bethenny gave her to give him. She uses the "toxicity" word again and basically feels like her friendship with Bethenny is over. We get it Jill- move on and stop talking about it!

Bethenny is at the South Street Seaport for a event and Alex comes to support her. She tells Alex that her father didn't forgive her and that Jill was also not interested in mending their friendship. Bethenny decides that she has too many other things going on in her life to focus on this non-forgiving stuff.

Jill and Countless meet in  Central Park and LuAnn tells her about a guy that she has set her sights on. He's a Jewish man and Jill assures her that Jewish men make great husbands.

Ramona has a surprise for Mario and asks him if he wants to have a re-committment ceremony. Ramona is as bat-shyte crazy as they come and for whatever reason Mario loves her despite her manic behavior. He's no walk in the park either so I guess they deserve each other.

It's time for Brooklyn fashion week and Ramona gets some tips from the models about how she should walk the runway. The original plan was for Kelly and Alex to walk in the show but Ramona asked the designer if she could also play a model for a day.

Jill shows up to the event and immediately says how low rent she thinks the venue is. She makes a bee-line backstage and when Kelly sees her she aks her what was up with that e-mail she  sent her about being friends with Bethenny. Jill said that Kelly was "ass-kissing" in a tweet to Bethenny. Kelly reminds Jill of "PR 101 and 102" which is basically a bunch of horse ca-ca. She's basically not being genuine with Bethenny so Jill doesn't have to worry about whose side she's on. For a woman that's way to close to 50 if not already in her 50's she is so immature.

During the actual show Jill sits next to Simon and slams the dresses and the models. When Ramona comes out with her eyes buldging out of her face Jill practically falls out of her chair she's laughing so hard. Ramona did look crazy but Jill couldn't wait for her and everybody else to fail. Jill leaves the show without saying goodbye or great job to any of the ladies because she's just mean and jealous.

Bethenny takes a pregnancy test and the test is positive. She calls Jason frantically and can't get him. She calls her best friend because she doesn't know what to do- as if you're supposed to actually "do" something. She's just overwhelmed with happiness.

Jill is doing a event for Kodak and LuAnn tells her that Sonja will be joining them. Jill gets Sonja's stats and wonders why she doesn't know her. Ramona arrives and asks Jill why she's teaming up with a company that's so antiquated. Ramona then asks her why she left the fashion show without saying anything nice to anybody. Jill asks her to leave and then sends over the giraffe goons- LuAnn and Kelly - to fight her battles. Disgusting! Sonja shows up and when LuAnn introduces her to Kelly she mentions that they have a friend in common- a guy named Max that they both dated and Kelly, of course, acts like she has no idea what Max she's talking about.

The event ends with Ramona confronting Kelly during Jill's speech which causes a scene. I'm sure Ramona did it purposely to upset Jill and get her back. Jill -you reap what you sow.

What kind of mess will the new housewife stir-up? Is Sonja a good replacement for Bethenny- who is getting her own show on Bravo?

We'll see what happens next week...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

American Idol- "Say goodbye to two" and Adam Lambert performs

Tonight two Idol hopefuls are going home thanks to last weeks save of Big Mike. Last night's homage to Elvis turned out much better than anticipated but two people in particular fell short - Andrew and Siobhan. But as we know this show is more about who's popular than who's more talented.

Before we get to the good-bye there's another lip-synced medley performance. Tonight it's a tribute to Elvis Presley and it's just painful! Is this what the "Idol Tour" looks like? Who wants to pay to see a bunch of kids sing songs that they obviously feel no connection to?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tiny and Toya (Season 2 premiere) ep 1- "Family is everything"

Tiny and Toya are back for a second season of family drama. I need someone to explain to me what kind of accents these two chicks have. It's truly crazy to me. SNL has to do a skit on these two girls.

The two bff's go out to dinner and discuss TI getting out of jail and Lil' Wayne going in. Toya is concerned with how Reginae (REH-JAH-NAE) (pronounce it just like that) is going to take her daddy going away. Toya asks how Tiny's oldest daughter, Zonique (ZAH-KNEEK) (not by TI) took Tip going away. They share pain and joy just like sisters.

Toya's little brother is now living with her and going back to school. Toya sees her brother off as he boards the school bus. At 17, he's looks kind of old for her to see him off on the school bus but family is everything to her and it makes her feel responsible. Toya's mother is back with her also and Toya is going to look for rehab facilities for her. Toya goes to visit the facility and talks to the director of the program. She's hopeful and confident that her mom will finally beat her drug addiction.

Tiny and her parents go to see the doctor about her dads Alzheimers. I can appreciate Tiny's close relationship with her dad. The doctor tells them that her dad needs to continue to perform and sing because it's helpful for his memory. Tiny sits with her mom after the doctor visit and when she talks about her husband she gets really upset and starts to cry. Tiny holds on to whatever is left of her dad and just wants to spend as much time as she can with him.

Toya's estranged brother Walter comes to her house. He did ten years in jail. When Toya comes in the house she says hello to everybody and Walter doesn't speak. He and Toya go to the kitchen and start to go at it and Toya tells him that she has some things that she wants to tell him outside because it's gonna get ugly.
When they talk Toya expresses that she really just wants to have a good relationship with him. In the end they hug it out. Family is family.

Toya calls Tiny and asks if Walter can come to her house and use her studio to record some rap lyrics that he wrote in jail. Rudy, Toya's little brother, comes home from his first day of school and the whole family is waiting to here how things went. Toya said it felt like an episode of "The Brady Bunch" and it feels good.

Tiny and her partner Keisha are working in the studio with her girl group "Juice". She sees alot of the same problems that she experienced with "Xscape" with this girl group and thinks that she may have to put the group on hold for a bit.

These two have a lot going on in their lives and family is at the top of the list. You gotta give them some credit for trying- SMH.

Are you gonna watch this season? See ya next week...

American Idol- Top 9- "The King lives" and two will go home tomorrow

Tonight the top 9 sing the songs of Elvis and get coached by Adam Lambert. I think tonight is gonna be more bad than good. Let's hope that I'm wrong.

Crystal Bowersox sings "I'm saved". It's Crystal people so it was really good and soulful. She looks down alot at the guitar when she sings- that's the only bad thing I can come up with. Randy loved it. Ellen says fantastic. Kara says- very dryly- that it was really good. Kara don't be mad at the girl because she's good- damn! Simon liked that she didn't choose an obvious song and didn't fall into a Karoke trap.

Andrew Garcia sings "You ain't nothing but a hound-dog" ugghhhh. I'm scared. It was like a bad lounge act and I hated it. I really like Andrew in the beginning of this competition and he hasn't been good for a LONG time. I can see him going home this week. Randy didn't like it. Ellen liked it- huh? Kara said he didn't own the performance- some swagger. Simon said it was lazy and all of his coolness is being sucked out of him. I agree with Simon and Randy.

Smiling Tim Urban sings "I can't help falling in love".  It was good for Tim. Randy liked it. Ellen really enjoyed it. Kara said it was her favorite Tim performance. Simon said he went from zero to hero in two weeks.
Really?!? What is with the sweating Tim nonsense. Give me a break!

Lee Dewyze sings "A little less conversation". That was a great performance and I loved it! Randy liked it. Ellen said he's getting better and better. Kara loved it and said he needs to be more playful- shut up! Simon said what do you want him to do- skip around the stage Kara? I agree Simon. Kara shut your mouth!
Well done Lee!

Aaron (Peter Pan) Kelly sings "Blue Suede Shoes". Believe it or not it wasn't bad at alland it had such great potential of being absolutely horrible. Randy said it was okay. Ellen said she like it. Kara liked it. Simon said it was like a high school concert and very Karoke.

Siobhan Magnus sings "Suspicious Minds". I didn't like her hair tonight and the performance was very dramatic. I guess if you're a Siobhan fan maybe you liked it. Randy said she can sing- I agree. Ellen said she looked great and liked the performance. Kara said she was confused- you confuse me Kara. Simon hated the first part of the song and thinks she's lost who she is. Siobhan answers back to the judges comments.
Siobhan don't talk- just sing!

Michael Lynche sings "In the Ghetto".  Beautiful- he needs to stick with ballads. Randy said the vocals were hot. Ellen is glad that they saved him. Kara said beautiful. Simon said a million times better.

Katie Stevens sings "What you want me to do". Katie did a lot of neck cranking tonight. It was okay. Randy said it was sassy and entertaining. Ellen said it was great. Kara said good job. Simon found it loud and annoying. I agree with Simon.

Casey James sings "Good lordy miss claudie". It sounded like something that he's sang before. Not my favorite performance from him. Randy said it was solid. Ellen it wasn't exciting. Kara said it felt shot. Simon said the song was forgettable.

The two to go home tomorrow will be Andrew and Siobhan.

Who do you think should be sent home?

Dancing with the Stars- Elimination show- "8 is the magic number"

Last night was the night of love with the couples dancing the Rumba and Tango. Added to that was the pressure of double scoring. Some couples fared better than others. Who will go home tonight?

Before announcing the couples that will return next week we get another chance to see Pamela and Damian do there X-rated  Rumba, split and all. Len is practically jumping out of his seat when Pam does that split. These two don't impress me- period.

The never aging Sade performs. What fountain of youth is this woman drinking from? Chelsie and Damian dance a true Rumba- take notes Dancing Stars.

We see the future of Dancing the Stars with a younger generation of ballroom dancers. They make this stuff look easy.

Whose idea was it to have a bunch of cheesy fake commercials? Big fail!

Next there is a performance by some premiere ballerinas and hip-hop violinists. How's that for a variety of performances. One of the dancers does like 15 backflips in the same spot-WOW!

Brooke asks Kate about her performance last night and Kate talks in this ridiculous baby voice- Kate there are no babies performing on Dancing with the Stars - ENOUGH! Tawking whike a whittle baaby- is not going to save you lady!

I can't wait for you to go home Kate- really I can't!

These are the couples that were saved and the order in which they were called:
Chad and Cheryl
Jake and Chelsie
Evan and Anna
Nicole and Derek
Pamela and Damian
Erin and Maks
Kate and Tony (BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!)
Niecy and Louis

And Aiden and Edyta are hanging up their dancing shoes.

Until next week...

Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood- ep 2/pt.2- "Are we there yet?"

Tori, Dean and the gang are still on the road trying to get to Patsy's. They reach Mississippi with 12 hours left till Atlanta and the weather is putting a wrench in the plans. Tori doesn't feel comfortable with Dean driving in the storm so Patsy's make-over might not happen if they don't get to her house soon. Tori puts a call into her friend James to take a flight to Atlanta to start the make-over until the rest of the gang arrives-YAY!

The gang finally makes it to Atlanta, Ga by 9pm and they make a mad dash to Home Depot to get paint. Patsy's sister Joan is at Patsy's house to welcome the troops and the make-over begins.

The next day the gang surprises Patsy with there arrival and the babies are so happy to see her- it's precious! Patsy looks amazing and she has lost a significant amount of weight. Tori is so happy to see her 2nd Mama. Patsy tells Tori that she wrote a letter to Tori and Dean prior to her surgery and Tori is touched- I'm crying too. The family is back together and everybody is happy.

They make it back to Patsy's house and arguments ensue about chairs and an area rug and Tori shuts down. BFF Mehran intervenes and talks to Tori about what's really going on with the couple because that argument was about something much bigger then furniture.

Morning arrives and the group is still working on the big unveil and things are looking great. Dean keeps vetoing Tori's ideas and she's going to loose it really soon.

Patsy arrives and everybody is outside waiting to see her face as she opens the door. Pasty walks in and breaks down in tears as the first thing she notices is the memory wall that Tori created. Patsy has lost three children and when she sees the pictures she cries and so does Tori. It's a beautiful moment.

Patsy gets the grand tour of her newly made-over home and then it's time to eat with all of Patsy's friends and family. Tori is beyond happy to share and experience all of this love that everybody has for Patsy.

WhenTori and Dean finally have a quiet moment to talk Tori wants to express how she feels about there arguments but she decides to leave it for later. Everything is so harmonious and she just doesn't want to mess up the mood.

Patsy takes The Mcdermott family antique shopping. Antiquing is one of Tori's favorite things and she's buying almost everything in the store. While Tori, Patsy and Liam continue shopping Dean is outside conducting business. He has a new movie premiering when they return to LA and he has to do phone interviews. Dean's career is really on a role!

The family has one final dinner together before heading back to LA. Tori wants to bring the connection that they have here at Patsy's back home to LA.

It's time to say goodbye and although it's sad the family will see Patsy soon for Liam's birthday.

Back in LA Tori and Dean talk about the family road trip and Tori expresses that she felt Dean was distant during the trip. Dean gets annoyed because he needed to focus on  driving and getting to Patsy's safely so how could he put his full focus and attention on the family as well? The truth comes out- they both feel disconnected. Dean says things are not the same and he's frustrated with their relationship.

Honestly, Tori and Dean are experiencing the usual gripes that men and women have. Tori tells Dean what to do and in a nut-shell he doesn't like it anymore. Dean is now his own man and doesn't need to live off of Tori's celebrity so he's feeling a sense of freedom and finally like he can express himself because he now has his own money and  acting jobs to back it up. Tori still makes significantly more money than him but his contribution to their "brand" is significant enough now that he just wants to show that he's the king of his castle. I'm no relationship expert but this is just my opinion.

Will Tori and Dean break-up or will they work through this rough patch?

See what happens next week...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dancing with the Stars- "Double Score Showdown"

We're down to nine and it's passion night with the Rumba and Tango. The stars will also get double scores tonight, one for technique and one for performance.  So get ready, get set and put on your dancing shoes.

Erin and Maks dance the Tango. Erin looks great despite a back problem. Nice job. Len said it was good. Bruno said it was okay. Carrie Ann said the technique got the best of Erin.
Technique   6,6,6- 18
Performance7,7,7- 21

Evan and Anna dance the Tango. Evan is dancing with two broken toes but manages to look flawless despite his injury. I really like watching these two perform. Another great job in my book!
Bruno loved it. Carrie Ann loved it. Len said they nailed it- well done. I smell 9's!
 (T) 9, 8,9- 26
 (P)  9,9,9- 26

Niecy and Louis dance the Rumba. It was kind of stiff and awkward. Louis almost fell down pulling her down the stairs. Len said it was boring. Bruno said it looked like she was in a trance. Carrie-Ann said it was good.
(T) 6,6,6- 18
(P)6,6,6,- 18

Aiden and Edyta dance the Rumba. It was okay. Carrie-Ann said is alright. Len didn't like it. Bruno said it was like stop motion and it didn't flow.
(T) 5,5,5- 15
(P) 6,6,6- 18

Nicole and Derek dance the Rumba. I thought it was really beautiful. Nicole really worked on her technique. Bruno wants a little more sex. Carrie-Ann said she looked nervous. Len thought they did well.
(T) 9,8,8- 25
(P) 8,8,9- 25

Jake and Chelsie dance the Tango. It was good even though Jake almost feel twice. I hated the song that the band sang. Len said it was a great job. Bruno said it was messy. Carrie-Ann liked it.
(T) 6,7,6- 19
(P) 7,6,6- 19

Kate and Tony dance the Tango. Kate whines about being a beginner and cries. Kate enough! Please go home. She looks like a stiff blow-up doll. Tony throws her around at the end and it looked absolutely crazy! And not in a good way. Bruno said she's finally starting to move. Carrie-Ann said she was impressed with Kate. Len said it was her best dance so far. Best compared to being horrible every week. That baby voice makes me want to throw-up- ugghhh. I hate Kate.
(T) 4,5,5- 14
(P)6, 6, 6- 18

Cheryl and Chad dance the Rumba. Chad looks like a polyester wearing mess. In the end I thought he was gonna pull Cheryl's arms out of the sockets. Carrie-Ann said it was his best dance. Len said it was his best dance. Bruno said Chad was fluid.
(T)7,6,8- 21
(P) 8,7,8- 23

Pamela and Damien dance the final Rumba. I think that there is something mentally wrong with Pam. The constant "sexy face" is just so old and tired. Len said it was a great job. Bruno said is was technically her best dance. Carrie-Ann said it was good.
(T)7,8,8- 23

Who's going home this week? I'm hoping for Kate or Pamela.

Who do you want to go home?

Wait and see...

Kimora Life in the Fab Lane- ep 4- pt 2- "Light's, Camera, Action!"

Kimora arrives in NY for fashion week. She's really nervous about the show going live on the Jumbotron in Times Square and the team is working feverishly to make sure that everything is up to Kimora's standards.

Kimora checks with Jack about the models and makes sure that she that she has an Asian girl. It's important to Kimora that her runway is diverse.

Ama and Sean are responsible for making sure that people actually show up in Times Square. They've come up with "The pink balloon" contest which is 100 balloons filled with 100 questions about Kimora. Ming helps with the questions and blowing up the balloons- she is truly Kimora's mini-me.

The fans are also going to get a pre-show that will air in Times Square and Kimora pre-tapes a segment with Adrienne Baillon, one of her pre-show co-hosts. In addition to pre-tape segments, Kimora is also conducting  press junkets during all the chaos of the pre-show preparation.

The day of the fashion show finally arrives. Instead of Bryant Park, Baby Phat is showing at Roseland Ballroom because it's a bigger venue. And with a bigger venue comes more time to set-up. They're scheduled to be done at 6:00pm with the pre-production.

The production company handling the live show is preparing for the live feed and making sure that Times Square is all set. Kimora arrives and wants the music turned down for the baby. She's freaking out about baby Kenzo being taken to a more appropriate location.

Meanwhile the Baby Phat fans come to Times Square in droves with the hopes of winning tickets to tonights show. The contest was a great idea.

Back at Roseland Kimora is working with the model the is opening the show to make sure she steps out on beat to the music. The opening song is one that Kimora walked to for a Chanel show years ago so it's really important that the model walks out on beat.

In Times Square the fashion show contest winner is chosen and the pre-taped segments begin to run without a hitch. The live hosts, Robert Verdi and Kim Kardashian begin their interview segments. It's after 9 and the show is running late because Kimora is not dressed yet. They're running 45 minutes behind. The hair stylists are still working on Kimora hair but they start the show because if they wait any longer they'll loose the feed in Times Square.

The show starts and everything looks amazing. Kimora decides at the last minute to take baby Kenzo on the final walk with Ming and Aoki!

Although things behind the scenes were chaotic the show was beautiful and Kimora felt like it was the best fashion week ever!

Until next week- Keep it fabulous!

What Chilli Wants- ep 1- "Scrubs need not apply"

Chilli is the latest celeb looking for love - but apparently because she's still single she must be looking for it in all the wrong places. That's where Tionna Smalls, author and relationship expert comes in. Tionna is blunt but that's exactly what Chili needs.

You would think that a beautiful and sucessful woman like Chili should have no problems finding a date- right? Dating isn't the issue- the problem is Chili's checklist which goes something like this: he has to be fine, great sense of humor, six or four pack, believe in God, be sensitive, can't drink or smoke, eat pork, must love kids and want more, no more then two babies' mama's and he has to be hanging. Wow- that is some list let me tell you! Missy Elliot, Chili's good friend, tells her she needs to date Jesus- lol!

Chili has a lot riding on this because she has her son Tron, who has made it known that regardless of who comes into his mom's life he's the man of the house. Chili has also been hurt before so she's not willing to stand for any nonsense. 

Chili and Tionna go to an event where Chili is presenting an award to her close friend who is a prominent politician in Altanta. This is a black-tie affair with quite a few men in attendance so Tionna is sniffing around to see if there is anybody that meets Chilli's standards. Tionna eyes a handsome bald-headed guy named Christian and he's very charming and has a really nice smile. Christian is most definently a strong prospect and the date is set.

Tionna meets with the people closest to Chili to see what makes her tic and come up with the Master plan to find the right guy for her. T-Boz, her friend and former bandmate,  Ava, Chili's mom and Dallas Austin - Chilli's ex and Tron's dad all agree that Chili needs to let go of "the list" and the idea of perfection- because honey it doesn't exist!

Chili goes on a date with Christian and Tionna is creeping on the side just observing. Christian eats pork so that is the first thing that bothers her. Then Chili asks him if he like girls all the time and he says - hell yes! Gotta make sure there's no down low stuff going on! Tionna and Chili meet in the bathroom during the date to discuss how things are going so far and Tionna said that Chili can't be so agressive because it will scare the man off. Dinner goes well and Chrisitian walks Chili to her car and they part with a hug. Not sure if there is enough of a spark where a second date may be in order but it was a good start to the dating adventures.

The next day Chili has a photo shoot for Fitness magazine with Floyd Mayweather. They've known each other for three years and when Tionna arrives at the shoot she sees the chemistry- it's so obvious. Tionna asks Chili what's up and why she and Floyd haven't taken the next step. Chili just laughs it off.

Later that evening Floyd and Chili go to dinner and Floyd says he likes Chili but they don't want to go there and mess up there friendship. I think they make a great couple but they're probably right and better off friends and not lovers.

Chili tells Tionna that she is willing to go on a second date with Christian and Tionna is happy that they've made some progress early in the game.

Regardless of Chili's "list" and some of the unrealistic traits that she wants from her future mate Tionna is willing to stick by her side and help her find the right person.

Do you think Chili's standards are too high? Should she just get back with Usher?

Until next week...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Basketball Wives- ep 1- "Shake what your mama gave ya!"

Tonight we get an inside look into the lives of the women behind the players. Shaunie O'Neal was married to Shaq for 7 years and recently filed for divorce. She has a close connection with many of the basketball wives, ex-wives, girlfriends and groupies. She's the glue that wants everybody to get along and support each other.

Let's meet the girls: Evelyn is the ex-fiance of Antonine Walker, she was with him for 10 years. Jennifer is the wife of Eric Williams and Erikka is the ex-wife of Rashal Butler. Gloria is the fiance of Matt Barnes and the youngest of all the girls. She thinks that what she and Matt have is much different from the other women. She's not worried about her man straying. Royce is an ex-dancer and has had many relationships with many players. Evelyn thinks she's just "messy" and doesn't really want to be associated with her. Royce says the rumors of her being a gold-digger are just that - rumors.

They all meet for dinner and drinks to talk about the latest issues that plague the wives and girlfriends of basketball players. Jennifer is thinking about divorce. Evelyn shares her horror stories about being married to a basketball player. Gloria basically gets bored of the stories and is feeling a little uneasy throughout dinner. She's nervous because her sister is supposedly in the midst of having a fling with Shaq and it's just awkward being around Shaunie.

After dinner the girls hit the next spot for drinks and dancing. They're all having a good time and  Royce decides to hit the stripper pole- of course- and show her dancing skills. Are we really surprised? The girls are not impressed. Shaunie sees that Gloria is uncomfortable and takes her outside to tell her that there are no hard feelings and whatever issues there are between Shaq and her sister  has no bearing on their relationship. Gloria likes Shaunie and would like for them to be friends but isn't sure that the other girls will allow it. Shaunie feels like keep your friends close but your enemies closer. I agree.

The next day the ladies go to hang out at the pool with Suzy, ex-girlfriend of Michael Olowokandi. She's fun and knows everybody in Miami. Ludacris has a "How low can you go contest" and Royce immediately jumps right in and takes it a bit too far. She's giggling, splitting, slapping other women's asses and just carrying on.

The next day Evelyn tells Jennifer to come over to her apartment to look at the video of Royce acting a fool. Royce's "show" is all over the internet with commentary and for the other women it's basically guilt by association. Evelyn is pissed because she doesn't appreciate being called a "groupie", "gold-digger" just because Royce doesn't know how to act.  The girls decide to stage an intervention with Royce about her booty shaking antics. They try to give her some advice without hurting their feelings but at the same time they're being firm because enough is enough!

Will Royce change her ways or will she have to find new friends?

Will Shaunie and Gloria's "friendship" survive the latest scandal?

One thing is for sure, with the mix of personalities in this group we're sure to have a season full of DRAMA!

You don't want to miss this!

Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business- ep 1- "It's time to grow up"

Brandy and Ray J. are both superstars in their own right. Sonia Norwood, their "momager" is now ready for the siblings to step-up and get more involved with the business side of their "brand". Willie Norwood, their dad, has been the vocal coach for both Brandy and Ray J throughout both of their careers. Mom and Dad has focused so much time on their children's careers that they now want to change direction a bit and focus on their marriage as a couple. Brandy has had a more traditional rise to fame as an actress and singer. For Ray-J it's been- let's just say it's been "different". He had the Kim K sex tape, mulit-platinum song "Sexy can I" and "The love of Ray-J shows". His star rose well above his sister's for simply behaving badly.

On this first episode Sonia explains, over dinner, that they need to step-up and know what she knows about the business. Brandy is on-board and focused. Ray-J says he's ready to take over the reigns for him mom but he is a little immature and sometimes doesn't handle things in the best manner. For example, he let's a cousin borrow the Norwood business van and it gets towed. This isn't the first time that something like this has happened and Sonia is pissed. She's the type of mom that can just throw you a look and you know she's not playing. Ray-J also considers himself to be the west coast party king- party for business purposes or so he says. In his defense, when you're in your 20's and have lots of money and no responsibilities I guess you can party like a rock star!

Brandy gets a text from rapper/singer Flo-Rida- of "Get Low" fame- about going to the Grammy's with him as his date. Ray-J isn't too sure about this and feels that Flo-Rida should offer to pay Brandy's way - dress, hair, make-up ect. Brandy wants to take it slow but she sees Flo as a breath of fresh air.

Sonia gets the office renovated and shows Brandy where she'll now work. They have a meeting with Ryan Ramsey, cousin/manager in training. Sonia and Ryan feel that Brandy needs to use her unique voice and come back with some ballads. Brandy is thinking about going a different direction with her alter-ego "Brand-Nu" who is a rapper. We have Beyonce/Sasha Feirce to thank for this alter-ego nonsense. She shares a couple rap verses but Sonia and Ryan aren't  convinced. I'm not either.

Ray-J and Reggie go and pick up the business van that was towed and bring it back to Sonia. Ray-J explains that they have to be more responsible and that Reggie has to face the music with Sonia. Ray-J hopes that he's ready for her wrath. They return the van and promise to never borrow the van again.

Brandy is surrounded by a group of very good friends that she trusts- Shay, Lara and Domo who started out as a fan but became a very close friend.  Over lunch Brandy tells them how she's really nervous about attending the Grammy's with Flo-Rida. Like most women she has trust issues and if she is seen with him at the Grammy's then their relationship is out there for the world to scrutinize.

Brandy is inspired  by all the change that's taking place with the family, her career and maybe her love-life and starts writing and working on her new project. Ray-J is also inspired to keep partying and find the "fattest bootiest broad out there". What?!?

I guess with Ray-J maturity and growth will have to come in baby steps.

Are Brandy and Ray-J ready to take more responsibility?

Can "momager" Sonia really trust her two celebrity kids to take care of their own careers?

We'll just have to wait and see...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

LisaRaye- "The Real McCoy" ep 2- "You'll always be a Mommy's girl"

This episode begins with LisaRaye checking up on her daughter Kai at her job. Kai seems like a really well mannered young lady and she loves her mom but is trying to gain her independence. She wants her mother to allow her to make mistakes and find her own way. That's easier said than done and almost impossible when the mother is a control freak. Sorry Kai.

They go to lunch and  LisaRaye uses this time to grill Kai about Joelle, Kai's current boyfriend. She literally gives Kai the third degree. Kai knows her mom and takes the grilling with a grain of salt.

LisaRaye gets so caught up in Kai's love-life that she forgets about the time. She ends up running late, as usual, to  fashion designer and former contestant on Project Runway, Jerrell Scott's fashion show. Joe eX booked the show for her and she's going to walk the runway. She misses rehearsal and finally arrives when the show has already started. She's immediately whisked to hair and make-up. She's nervous because it's been a long time since her modeling days. Kai is out in the audience to cheer her on and she struts with confidence down the runway. Despite missing rehearsal she does a good job.

She meets with Rev. Al Sharpton and her attorney Sheila Williams about the divorce settlement. She got Rev. Al on board because she needed someone on her side to help her fight what may be a long, arduous battle and the good Reverend has fought many. LisaRaye's goal is to get the pre-nuptial agreement enforced. But the $180 million dollar man is basically claiming that he's now broke. Sheila poses the question- at the end of the day if he doesn't have any assests how does LisaRaye get money? He can basically go after her for spousal support if she revives her career and starts to make money. This infuriates LisaRaye and the girl from the "South-side of Chicago" comes out! She wants to settle it like they would in the streets. Rev. Al and her lawyer convince her that that's not a good idea- lol! Her lawyer tells her to wrap her head around the worst case scenario which is the soon to be ex having no assests and LisaRaye be prepared to cut her losses and basically get nothing. Talk about bitter pill to swallow- that sucks!

The next morning she wakes Kai up with kisses and the two hit the town for a shopping excursion. Joelle is coming over for dinner and she wants to look cute.

As dinner is being  prepared  LisaRaye has the major sex talk with Kai- to the tune of how many times have they had sex and what type of condom does he wear- lubricated or not? Kai is mortified and nervous for Joelle. I am too.

The guest of honor arrives and dinner is a tad bit awkward. LisaRaye goes right in on Joelle and asks him if  wants kids- lol! What?!? Kai looks at her like she's crazy. Mind you- she just started dating the boy so I don't think that that question is the most appropriate one to ask but she's the mom.  Joelle says not right now- good answer Joelle. Joelle is an entrepenuer and LisaRaye impressed by how smart he is and decides that Kai has picked a good one. He's welcomed in the McCoy house anytime.

All''s well that ends well.

See ya next week. 

LisaRaye - "The Real McCoy" ep 1- "Look out Hollywood LisaRaye is Back"

Actress, Mother and former First Lady of Turks and Caicos, LisaRaye McCoy is back on the small screen to document her revival back to Hollywood to reclaim the spotlight.

She's not alone as she works her way back to the top. Her daughter Kai, cousin and assistant Quincy and friend/stylist Joe eXclusive are right by her side as she navigates her way back to life as a single woman and working actress.

Press, good or bad, is always important and plays a major role in the life of any celebrity.  She sits down for an interview with Jamie Foster Brown of  "Sister to Sister" magazine as she asks her the tough questions. Jamie asks her about her soon to be ex-husband, Former Prime Minister of Turks and Caicos, Michael Misnick. LisaRaye admits that initially upon meeting him she wasn't "in-love". Because how can you be in love with someone after knowing them for only a month- YOU CAN'T! She also admits that initially it was a business deal. Unfortunately that business deal went sour and they are in the midst of a pretty ugly divorce. He also took some her her money that she had earned as an actress but she had her "lord have mercy" fund in case of an emergency and that's what she's living of off now.

Joe eXclusive her stylist and  hot mess dresses her for a fashion show at designer Sue Wong's estate. LisaRaye only wears white because it's her "signature color" and she's only worn white for 8 years. She meets the designer and has a photo-op and is glad that she came. She tells the designer that her clothes are so beautiful she's thinking about lifting the "white only" rule and thinks about wearing color.

The next day she does a radio interview to re-connect with her fans and tell them about her "Back to Business" party. The party is about her getting back to doing her and focusing on her career and her new life as a single woman.

The party starts at 9:30pm and at 11:00pm she's still getting dressed. That's beyond fashionably late! She finally makes it to the red carpet. When she walks into the party and sees all the love and all the people that have come out despite the bad weather she's excited and she's glad to be back!

Will LisaRaye make it back to the top in Hollywood? Will the divorce drama end with a hefty financial settlement or will she be disappointed?