Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kell on Earth (season finale) - "Surprise!"

Let me begin this post by saying that I will really miss this show. I enjoyed being a witness to the machine that is "People's Revolution". Now let's wrap this one up.

 Kelly has had it with the newbies that have no money and wants to focus on the folks that do. Meanwhile Skinner and Andrew try to plan a surprise birthday party for Kell at the Carlye Hotel  but it's gonna be a challenge because she always finds out about her surprises. If they pull it off they are truly miracle workers.

Kelly gets a call from DKNY about the possibility of working on a video about a new sweater called the "Cozy"- which I actually own in a beautiful hot pink- I love my Cozy.

Andrew and Skinner step out of the office - while Kelly is out meeting with DKNY- to work on the party planning. Frick and Frack go to the cake company for a cake tasting disguised as "Fiance's". If Andrew wasn't gay they would make a great couple. What with the greasy hair and just overall dirty look. This is not to say that they're dirty but they look it. I still love you Skins and Andrew!

People's Revolution is hired to work with Donna Karan and the company is going in a new direction with new media and the internet. Kelly is working on pre-production on the DKNY shoot. The budget is limited because once the video is produced it will be uploaded on fb and other style sites and blogs- brilliant!  It's gonna be a run and gun without permits around the city- extremely ambitious.

The day of the shoot they have 9 hours with the models and have to shoot various scenes "guerilla" style. Quick sidebar note-"America's Top former Top Model sighting" Fatima gets a quick cu on the show - she's one of the models. Kelly loves the craziness of production- getting the models across the street at one time is really difficult and she's doing crowd control. Cut and print-that location is done- 6 more to go!

Ava is at one of the locations with her friends so Kelly uses it as a "take your kid to work moment". But don't get it twisted when it's time to get busy she gets busy so it's no playground.

Robyn and Emily are running the day to day while Kelly is shooting the DKNY project. Skinner and Andrew are all prepared for the party and just have a few small things to wrap up. The RSVP list is getting a little complicated.

The DKNY shoot continues down at Wall Street and if you don't have the proper permit in front of the Securities Exchange it's next to impossible but Kelly uses her pull and they get the shot. They push to end the day at Washington Square Park- they can't go into overtime with the models but they need a proper ending to the video so they go for it. The shoot is a huge success! Kelly and the client are happy.

After the craziness of the DKNY shoot Kelly and Ava have mommy and daughter time at the hair salon.

Kelly shares the final piece with staff and it looks really cool.

It's party time and Robyn works on getting Kelly to "The Carlyle" to the made up cocktail event which is really her surprise party. Andrew arrives at the suite first and it's perfect. Kelly is asking a million questions of Robyn so she's trying to keep her off the scent.

Kelly arrives and is literally surprised to tears. She's really blown away and so happy by the show of love. They give her these goat hair shoes that she's had her eyes on. The party is a success.

Kelly is greatly respected by her team and they are looking forward to bigger and better things. She's very grateful because the People's Revolution team are not just her staff they are her family.

The End.

See you next season Kell!

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