Monday, April 4, 2011

Dancing w/Stars (s.12)- "DJ Mike was the first to go- who's next?"

So Mike was the first to hang up his dancing shoes. He's relieved and so are we! He couldn't dance and was painful to watch. BUT- and this is a big BUT- in his defense Wendy should consider herself lucky and she should thank her fans for saving her this time around. If she doesn't step up her dancing game tonight she may find herself on the chopping block next. More after the jump...

Tonight's dances will tell a personal/emotional story. Let's get started...

Wendy/Tony dance the Fox-Trot. Here's the good-Wendy's wig looked better than it has during the last two shows? The bad - her dance didn't tell a story and she just can't dance. The judges didn't like it.
15-Wendy your days are numbered!

Chelsea/Mark dance the Cha-cha. For some reason this girl annoys me. She just gets under my skin like Erin did last season. Unfortunately she will be around for a while because she's not a bad dancer. The judges liked it.

Chris/Cheryl dance a Rhumba in memory of his mother. It was nice. Carrie-Ann cried. Len appreciated the emotion of the dance. Bruno liked it.

Kendra/Louis dance the Rhumba. It started off kinda of bumpy with the smoke machine and Kendra lost her footing but her legs looked great. The judges thought it was hot and sexy.

Romeo/Chelsie dance the Rhumba. Well we learned that Romeo hates his dance shoes but despite that he got through his very emotional dance. It was okay. The judges had mixed feelings about the dance.

Hines/Kym dance the Samba and Hines can really dance. I think I like this guy! The judges loved it.

Petra/Dmitry dance a Waltz. It was nice. Petra is just so sweet you can't help but root for her. The judges loved her.

Sugar Ray and Anna. It was awkward Sugar Ray. The judges thought it was much improved.

Kirstie/Maks dance the Rhumba. It was nice after the fall which I thought was part of the act. The judges loved it.

Last but not least Ralph/Karina dance a Rhumba. It was good but the judges were overly critical.

So there you have it. If we're going by scores and worst dancers Wendy will definitely be hanging up her dance shoes. But Wendy has die hard fans so we'll see what happens.

Until the results show...

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