Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dancing w/Stars- "American Week"

I can no longer watch this painfully long show live- so here is my DVR'd review. Enjoy. More after the jump...
Who's going home tonight? There are 8 couples left and we have a few more weeks left of really bad karaoke singing from that unfortunate band. Am I the only one that thinks that the singers in the band are horrible?! Anyway- now to the dancing.

Ralph/Karina- I would've never guessed that the Karate Kid was a great dancer. Len and Bruno didn't like his footwork but I like him. Carrie Ann enjoyed it and so did I. He will definitely be around for a while.

Chris/Cheryl- Chris can really dance. I think the assumption was that he would suck and he doesn't.
26- The score says it all. He's not going home tonight.

Petra/Dmitry- Petra is actually improving. I have kinda felt that throughout this competition she's gotten by on her good looks- but tonight I actually saw a glimmer of a dancer. The judges reviews were mixed but overall they liked it.
22- She'll be around for a couple more weeks at least.

Romeo/Chelsie- Romeo's start was a bit bumpy but he's trying really hard to prove that you can have "street swag" while at the same time being a ballroom dancer. Bruno and Carrie Ann really liked it.
26- He's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Hines/Kym-Hines is a great dancer. The judges liked it- Len thought it was his best dance.
27- Hines and Kym may take it all.

Kirstie/Maks- Maks loves being shirtless- all jokes aside I'm not sure why- but I'm sure Kirstie and more than a few viewers enjoy looking at him. Kirstie wants him sooooo badly-lol. Len didn't like it but he was in the minority. Maks didn't drop Kirstie so things are looking up for this couple.

Kendra/Louis dance the 1,000th dance- which in the grand scheme of things means nothing because Kendra may be going home. I hated absolutely everything about their dance- from the corny music, costume and robotic dancing. Here's to hoping that Kendra gets put out of her misery.
22- The judges liked this dance but I think she's a going home to her two Hanks

And finally my least favorite couple Chelsea/Mark. I know I have no really good reason for disliking Chelsea but I do- so there! LOL.  Despite my disdain for Chelsea I actually liked their dance. It was fun and cute and Chelsea is a good dancer. The judges loved it.
26- This is the couple to beat.

All together now- Bye Kendra!

Until next week...

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