Saturday, June 11, 2011

Basketball Wives/Season 3- "Meeka shut up!"

This season it's the fake ones vs. the real ones. The weak ones vs. the strong. Well we know who the fakers are; Evelyn, Meeka, Jennifer- who could be real if she gets off of Evelyn's tit- and lastly Shaunie. I get that Shaunie has to remain somewhat neutral because her interests in the show are mixed- she's the executive producer and also a player so she has to roll with all the women but it's annoying.

The weak ones are Suzie, Jennifer and Meeka. Suzie, Evelyn treated you like shit. Talked to you and about you like a dog and you want to be her friend again? Suzie- you're like an abused woman who can't let the man the beats her go. Knock it off girl and get a backbone! Meeka- why go to each women individually and talk about all of them to the next one? You're the new chick on the block so why not let things happen organically? Meeka- one word- YUCK!

So we're left with Tami and Royce who qualify as both real and strong. I think most would agree that Tami keeps it real. She's a straight shooter and if you cross her it's on. I think most don't want to agree that Royce keeps it real- not sure why but now three seasons into watching these ladies I have a different opinion of Royce. Her characterizations of Evelyn and Jenn are right on point. She may talk shit but she will also tell you how she feels to your face. I don't agree with her talking to Eric via twitter- I think it's weird unless behind the scenes of the show they were always friends. I'm kinda sure that Royce is doing it just to piss Jenn off.

Suzie's weakeness bugs me so much that I hope EVIL-LYN beats her up both mentally and maybe physically. But enough of the wack Suzie conversation.

Jennifer focus on yourself and please don't take the Evelyn's suggestion about smashing anyone, dating youngin's or any of that nonsense. This woman basically scammed you into divorcing Eric- even though you were a willing participant and then she turns around and gets engaged, starts planning on expanding her family with the narcissistic Ochocinco and leaves you high and dry to be single alone. I'm no Eric fan but he was right when he said that it's foolish to take advice on your marriage from a woman that has never been married.

Tami and Meeka won't work. Tami thinks that Meeka will play both sides of the fence. I think Meeka will side with Jevelyn and Shaunie. I'm not sure why anyone would want to be friends with Evelyn. I'm glad that Tami made Meeka cut the BS and fess up to her phony. Meeka you showed your true colors when confronted and you backtracked. You failed the test so all that "I keeps it real" talk is just that- talk!

And to end this review we see how things go full circle and Suzie goes right back to talking about Royce with Jevilyn and taking their side. Suzie- Royce was your only friend when the sharks were feeding off of your flesh. How dare you betray her and flip! But at the end of the day I'm not at all surprised by her lack of loyalty. Suzie is the runt of the litter and just trying to survive- *side-eye*.

Until next week...


  1. I really don’t think I like Meeka alreeady..I can see how she could just drive you insane in about two seconds. I love how Tami (of course) drew a line in the sand when Meeka tried to give her the hand LOL.

    It was really awkward when Suzie went to Evelyn’s store too ( ), but i’m glad they at least reached a truce, that would’ve just been silly. It was totally awesome too that they used that Pigeon John song “The Bomb” right when she got there, I love that track!

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