Monday, July 25, 2011

Basketball Wives- "Break-up to make-up to break-up and fight"

Jevelyn is back in full affect. Poor Jen, who cries the most pitifall cry I've ever seen, explains herself to Evelyn, they hug it out and all is good with the mean girls. But here's the thing Evelyn, your fiance changed his name to 'Ochocinco' and now he's tweeting Glen Beck?!! Really Chad Ochocinco? Glen Beck- ugghhhh and yuck! Evelyn- Chad is a media-whore! Period. Let's call a spade a spade. Whether you choose to admit what everybody else knows is a completely different story. More after the jump.
Apologies seem to be the theme with tonight's show. Tami haaaatttteeesss Meeka and just can't seem to let it go. Meeka even apologizes to Tami for judging her before getting to know her. Tami's not interested. Tami- why can't you just dislike the girl and let her live? You're in Rome for goodness sake! But then on the flip side Meeka- SHUT UP!

Just when Tami is ready to squash it and let the chick live Suzie- aka- don't tell me shit because I'm gonna run and tell it- tells Tami that Meeka was talking about her-yet again! Tami has had it and later that night at the club drinks come to an abrupt end when Tami arrives and basically slaps the crap out of Meeka. Weaves get pulled and Tami is pulled off yet another. So EMBARRASING! Now I like Tami for her truthfulness but the physical gets to be too much. Meeka gets gone and decides to write a letter to Shaunie and Shaunie reads the letter in front of Tami and all the girls. Meeka calls Tami a 'classless chick' among other things and so in a nutshell other then the fact that the two share taste in earrings - they'll never be friends. Am I the only one that noticed that they had the same earrings?

The rest of the trip goes without incident once Meek-Meek leaves.

Back in the states Meeka confronts Suzie and asks why she would throw her under the bus. Suzie plays innocent to Meeka's face but calls her all kind of big mouth bitches when she does her one-on-one with the camera. Suzie is the definition of weak sauce. But Meeka you're a dummy because when they told you that Suzie can't hold water you should've believed them!

Until next week...

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