Monday, November 7, 2011

RHOA & I'm Back!

It's been a long time but I'm glad to make my return with new postings from my favorite franchise and the ladies of the ATL! I caught up this afternoon with a refresher of a few episodes from last season and honestly it was awesome and I see why Atlanta is the highest rated 'Real Housewives' of the franchise. From the Sweetie slave debacle, to Nene and Kim fighting, to Cynthia almost being a runaway bride- remember her mom and sister tried to hide the marriage license? WTH!!!!. And let's not forget Phaedra's awesome one-liners and Kandi and Sheree adding to the mix. Oh and I can't forget the honorary Queens/Housewives Dwight aka 'Madame' the puppet from the Muppets and Lawrence! These ladies make for awesome- I can't stop watching- TV! I love it and any real reality tv lover feels the same way! More after the jump...

Besides- I am SO SICK of Kim Kardashian and the rest of the fake, money lovin' Kardashian clan- lest Khloe. But unfortunately because she shares the Kardashian  name she is also part of my Kardashian rage. I'm sick of that family and their shenanigans and if they think for one minute that ANYBODY feels sorry for their $65 million dollar dollar a year making for doing nothing selves- they're sadly mistaken! Cheers to the end of the Kardashian takeover!

Now back to the ladies of Atlanta. Some things have certainly changed. Kim is pregnant, Sweetie changed her hair and Nene is FULL of herself- yikes! Kandi is starting her own sex toy line, Phaedra wants to take the funeral home world by storm, Cynthia opened a modeling agency and Sheree is- I'm not sure what Sheree is.

In the NOTHING has changed department we have Sweetie still being talked to like a dog by Kim. I really hope Sweetie is being paid nicely for the degrading and embarrassing  abuse she takes.

Meanwhile Phaedra handles the burial of her great aunt like she's producing and directing a feature film. She plans on adding funeral home owner to her resume. Funeral homes are big business and Phaedra gets her hustle on and being the 'Boss' that she is let's give the girl a hand clap.

NeNe is as shady as a shade tree. Who says "I'm rich!"I'll tell you who doesn't say that- real rich people. I've never heard the Beverly Hills ladies talk about how many millions they have. NeNe no one is hating on you and I also don't believe your tears. And Cynthia you're so far up NeNe's behind it's ridiculous. When Sheree called the guy that told her that NeNe was making side deals behind her back NeNe didn't want to hear it. If she wasn't lying she would have let the guy have it but instead she double talks and starts yelling and screaming and acting like a foolish- fool! So much for black girls rockin- ugh!

Overall - no surprises so far but we have an entire season left with the lovely ladies of Atlanta so we'll see what happens.

Until next time...

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