Wednesday, November 30, 2011

RHOA- "Kandi and her butt are turning 35"

I have to start this post with a question. What is in the water in Atlanta?! Kandi's behind is HUGE and is becoming like another housewife on the show. I mean really! I'm sure that the fellas are loving it but she's got what Phaedra calls a "donkey booty" lol.  More after the jump...
Ok- that's enough talk of Kandi's bottom. Anyway, I thought I liked Peter but I'm starting to see why Cynthia's sister and mother dislike him and tried to thwart the wedding. He just doesn't seem to have his financial and business situation together- with checks bouncing before a business even opens. It's not a good look Peter. But as upsetting as it is to watch someone you love drown on a sinking ship- Mel will just have to move on and mind her business  because Cynthia is grown and if things don't work out between her and Peter - that's on her.

Kandi prepares for her 35th brithday par-tay and all the girls and guy/girls- Lawrence- are present. He looks like a blonde mess. Nene enters the room like she's the woman of the hour. And there's a clear division in the room with Nene and a group of women on one side and Phaedra and Sheree on the other side.

Things are going well and everybody is having a good time until Phaedra's "Ridiculous" gift- I mean literally- ridiculous gift comes out the box and things go from bad to worse when "Ridiculous" starts to pleasure himself in a way that I will not describe on this blog- but he didn't need a woman to help him- YUCK!. NeNe and her puppies, Cynthia and Peter leave the party/strip club and Kandi's mother is PISSED! I mean she's fighting mad and she decides to confront Kandi in front of everybody. Phaedra feels awful  and Miss Joyce leaves in huff.

Maybe the stripper who pleasures himself should have been left for a private party or another day without men and without Kandi's mother.

Until next week! 

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