Monday, January 16, 2012

RHOA: 'Nene, Nene- BOO BOO!'

Well what on earth has gotten into NeNe Leakes or shall I say who is waiting to get into NeNe Leakes? Give big-bird a little opportunity and a couple of dollars and she done lost her damn mind!  More after the jump...

So this episode starts with a lunch/make-up date between Peter, Cynthia, Phaedra and Apollo. And I must say that Phaedra is turning out to be my fave housewife. I mean Phaedra wants everyone to get along and most of all she just wants to have fun! Good food and a couple drinks on a hot day and all is forgiven. I don't see the couples being best friends but they can now at least be cordial with one another. But of course weak-willed Cynthia has to check in with her "boss" NeNe and tell her about the lunch date and  Phaedra's plan for all the girls to go to South Africa. Negative NeNe tells Cynthia that she's not interested in going out of the country with the group. Well guess what NeNe- no one wants you to go anyway! And who turns down a trip out of the country because they don't get along with one person in the group? A fool does.

NeNe's new found fame and John the pizza guy have gone to her big head. Listen -I'm all for making the best of your 15 minutes and stacking your dollars but really NeNe knock it off! Like Sheree said- do you have any stamps on your passport? And just because you THINK that Trump is your bff- the minute you open that unlearned, uncultured mouth everyone sees that you're the same NeNe from season one with the bad weave, big nose and messed up teeth. I used to like NeNe. She used to be funny, crazy and REAL. Now she's beyond fake. She's turned into that fake and phony person that she used to hate. What's up with that?!? Come back to earth and reality NeNe.

And how painful was dinner with Ms. Joyce and her good intentions? Talk about beating a dead horse!  Some people are in your life for a season and some bonds are made to be broken. I think the NeNe, Kim, Sheree friendship train has left the station and the destination is Nowheresville.

Until next week...

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