Sunday, November 13, 2011

RHOA- 'Girls Weekend Miami- Part Deux'

I'm going to start this post with a comment about Sweetie. I don't believe that she's bleaching her skin- she just has the worst Fashion Fair/Posner old school make-up and someone and anyone who does hair and make-up needs to PLEASE help her!!! I'm just sayin'.  More after the jump...
Phaedra goes to see Willie Watkins- say it like this- (Will-ehh) to get more background info on the funeral business. And ole' Willie has decided to mentor Phaedra as she tries her hand at buring dead people.
Phaedra tells her hubby about her passion for the dead and how quiet they are- Phaedra is crazy! Apollo is not at all interested in 'Funeral's by Phaedra'- lol!

Over in Miami girls weekend turns out to LITERALLY be girls weekend- lol! NeNe and Kandi won't be getting any action unless it's with a stud and NeNe makes it clear that she's strictly ------ (fill in the blank).
Over lunch, where Kandi is chewing her food like a cow, NeNe tells the girls - again - that she is Rich- capital R, exclamation point, exclamation point!! And with that news the ladies go check out some properties in Miami because NeNe is thinking about relocating. And I'm with Kandi- NeNe knock it off because I can't believe that you can afford a 9 million dollar estate. At the beach we meet Kandi's thighs- yikes - and the ladies meet some not attractive AT ALL European guys.

Kroy's surprise party for Kim is a success. The whole gang is at the party minus- NeNe and her shadow Cynthia. How Kim, who claims to be 34- yea right, landed such a good man is beyond me. He's a genuinely nice guy and seems to really love her and they were married on 11-11-11. I guess it's a case of do wonders never cease?

Until next week...

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